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How to Install Plex on PS5 [PlayStation 5]

Install Plex to stream or watch your personal media files and much more on PlayStation 5.

Plex is an advanced media center user to organize, save, and view personal files at any time and anywhere. The platform has two different parts: a media server software and a playback application. You have to install the former one on the device where you have the local media files. While the latter will let you play the media files on different devices, including smartphones, gaming consoles, streaming devices, tablets, and computers. The Plex app also has a premium subscription in the name of Plex pass to stream the media content from the internet. The following guide will show the necessary steps to install and activate Plex on PS5 [PlayStation 5] console.

Plex Pass Subscriptions:

  • Monthly Subscription – $4.99
  • Yearly Subscription – $39.99
  • Lifetime Subscription – $149.99


  • In Plex, you will get 100+ free live TV channels.
  • Using the Plex Media Server, you can upload and manage all your media files and access them anywhere without any fuss.
  • As Plex is available for many smart devices, you get cross-platform support to stream the video content.
  • In the latest version of the Plex app, you can add parental controls too.
  • With Plex Premium, you can watch live TV, on-demand content, catch-up shows, IPTV content, and more.

How to Install Plex on PS5

The dedicated Plex app is available for PlayStation 5 [PS5] console. So, you can directly install the Plex app on your PlayStation 5 console.

[1] Turn on your TV and PS5 console. Ensure that the PS5 console is connected to a standard internet connection.

[2] Go to the Media tab section on your PS5.

[3] Select the All Apps icon and search the Plex app.

[4] Once you discover the Plex app, select it.

[5] Choose the Download option on its information screen.

Download the app

[6] Wait patiently for the app to install.

Install Plex on PlayStation 5

How to Activate Plex on PlayStation 5

[1] Get back to the home screen and click the Media tab.

[2] Select the Plex app that you installed on PS5.

Launch the app

[3] Click the Sign-in option on the home screen.

Plex on PS5

[4] A unique activation code will appear on your PlayStation 5 connected TV.

Plex on PS5

[6] Visit the on your computer or smartphone web browser.

[7] Sign in to your Plex account that you want to sign in on PlayStation 5.

Choose the account

[8] Enter the activation code that appeared on the PS5 screen and tap on Link.

Plex on PS5

[9] Choose the server and then Plex will load the media files and IPV content on your PS5 screen.

Installing and accessing Plex on PS5 is that simple and easy. So get Plex on your PS5 gaming console and stream your favorite content on your TV screen. If you have any issues like the Plex server not being available or the Plex app not working on PS5, let us know in the comments.

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1. Does PS5 have Plex?

Yes, the Plex app is officially available for the PS5 consoles.

2. Can you get Plex on PlayStation?

Yes, you can install the Plex app on any of the PlayStation consoles like PS3, PS4, and PS5.

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