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How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription? [3 Easy Ways]

Decided to cancel your Disney Plus subscription? Learn from here how to do it.

Disney Plus is a user-friendly streaming service that delivers big-budget movies and TV shows from various sources. It offers streaming access to a bunch of animation movies and other entertainment titles from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, National Geographic networks. With Disney Plus you can get unlimited streaming experience in 4K Ultra HD without ads. It is entirely a subscription-based streaming service that offers 7 days of free trial streaming for new users. For any reason, if you had decided to cancel your Disney Plus subscription and looking for ways on how to do it, the process is very simple and straightforward.

Once you had decided to cancel your subscription, it should be done before the end of the existing subscription period. The cancellation will never affect the current plans you paid for. The Disney Plus is a cross-platform service accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Smart TVs and many more.

Steps to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Android

Disney plus is accessible on Android smartphones or tablets. If you are using Disney Plus on any of the Android devices, you can cancel your subscription within the app itself.

#1: Open the Disney Plus app and make sure it is signed in with your username and password.

#2: Now launch the Google Play Store app on your smartphone.

#3: Tap the three lined Menu icon at the top left of the screen.

Select Menu Icon

#4: Now select Subscriptions option form the list.

Choose Subscriptions

#5: Under subscriptions, select Disney Plus

#6: Finally select Cancel Subscription option, followed by select Confirm to cancel your Disney Plus subscription.

Steps to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on iOS

Disney Plus app is supported by all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Before going to cancel your Disney Plus Subscription, make sure the app on your device is signed in with your credentials.

#1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

#2: Tap your Name at the top of the settings page.

tap your Name

#3: Select iTunes and App Store option.

Select iTunes & App Store

#4: Now tap Apple ID, followed by select View Apple ID.

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

#5: Then select subscriptions option.

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

#6: Under subscriptions, choose Disney Plus app from the list.

#7: Finally select Cancel Subscription option and again click cancel from the confirmation prompt.

That’s your Disney Plus subscription is cancelled on your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to Cancel Disney Plus from a Web Browser

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription from a web browser with simple and quick navigation.

#1: Open any web browser on your computer or mobile device.

#2: Navigate to browser address bar and visit

#3: Then login to Disney Plus with your username and password.

Login to Disney Plus

#4: Next click My Profile icon at the top right corner of the Disney Plus interface.

#5: Select Account option from the list.

#6: Under Account page, select Billing details option.

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

#7: Next move to your subscription and click Cancel Subscription link to the right of your subscription plan.

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

#8: Finally click the Complete Cancellation option to confirm your Disney Plus cancellation.

To Conclude

These are the essential procedures to cancel your membership with Disney Plus at any time you want. In case you had decided to cancel your membership during the trial period, just follow the same procedure. Not only on these devices, but you can also use these methods to cancel Disney Plus on a Smart TV. Moreover, if you change your mind, it is very simple to sign in again with Disney Plus after the cancelling the membership.

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