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How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? [2 Ways]

Decided to opt out of Planet Fitness? Here are the ways on how to cancel your membership

Planet Fitness is the most comfortable home workout guide for all age groups. There are a bunch of exercise videos to choose which encourages you to try something new to stay fit at home. In simple words, Planet Fitness brings a gym to your living home and all the workout sessions are conducted by the world-class trainers from different locations. All these beneficial services are accessible only by getting Planet Fitness membership. But for any reason, if you want to know how to cancel Planet Fitness membership, this article will guide through steps to do it.

Other than workouts, it offers certain motivational series to its members. Moreover, they also track your progress for future improvements. Under any circumstance, if you are not able to continue exercising and decide to go to cancel the Planet Fitness Membership before your term ends, it is possible with a cancellation fee. It is wise to cancel your membership after the end of your contract, so you need not pay any extra fees as a cancellation charge. Also, you cannot simply cancel your subscription over a phone call or email and there are certain procedures you need to follow. Let us discuss that in detail.

how to cancel planet fitness membership

What You Need to Know About Planet Fitness Agreement

Before you want to cancel the membership with Planet Fitness, you first need to analyze your agreement.

#1: Search for and find the agreement or the contract that has your signature.

#2: Go through all the terms and conditions, payment methods and contract period mentioned in it.

#3: Be aware of the billing cycle, for a monthly subscription, you should cancel your subscription before 10th day of the month. In case of a yearly subscription, you need to submit your cancellation before 25 to 30 days before the month you want to leave.

#4: You will be able to get fee waiver when you have an injury or change of residence to a new place, which must be 40 km away from any Planet Fitness location.

These are the essential information you need to know before cancelling your Planet Fitness Membership account.

Ways to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

There are two ways to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership,

  • Cancel your Planet Fitness membership in person.
  • Cancel your Planet Fitness membership with an email or certified letter.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership at Any Club

In this method of cancellation, you need to go to a Planet Fitness centre or club near you directly with the proof of injury or changing residence or any other valid reason. Also, make sure you have your membership ID and ID proof as you may need it during the process.

Write down the one-page document which is the cancellation form with all the necessary details. Here you have to include your contact details, medical certificate for injury or proof regarding relocation if any to waive away cancellation fee.

Call the Planet Fitness center customer service number and request a meeting time with an official of the membership department and give them the written documentation regarding your membership cancellation.

Check thoroughly if you have to pay any balance fee and make sure to cancel your future bills.

how to cancel planet fitness membership

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership by Email or Letter

If you are not able to visit the Planet Fitness center, alternatively you can send your membership cancellation letter as a PDF by an Email or a certified letter.

Send a certified letter to the fitness center. Certified mails or letter is the only priority or first class mail as it can be easily tracked. you can also get an acknowledgement that the letter has reached them.

Attach the requesting cancellation letter, ID proof, Membership details and any certificates for a fee waiver (if any).

If they charged anything extra than cancellation the charge, immediately call the Planet fitness membership department and notify them.

To Conclude

Using the above information you now clearly know how to cancel the Planer Fitness membership account. If you are charged improperly, it is better to visit the Planet Fitness center and show them the cancellation proof to get a refund and avoid further charges.

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