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How to Cancel Quick Quack Membership [3 Ways]

Quick Quack is a car wash company that provides a car wash subscription service with which the customer can get unlimited washes for a monthly fee. If you own a car and need regular car washing, then you can subscribe to their membership plan. Moreover, like other subscription services, you can also cancel your Quick Quack Membership at any time.

How to Cancel Quick Quack Membership

Using any of the below-mentioned methods, you can easily terminate the quick quack membership.

Note: Quick Quack memberships are non-refundable. If you cancel your membership within the initial 45 days of purchasing, you will be charged with $5 cancellation fee.

#1: Cancel Quick Quack Membership via Website

[1] Open the web browser on your PC or smartphone and visit Quick Quack Website.

[2] Sign in with your account.

Sign in with your account.

[3] Scroll down and select the Contact Us option.

[4] Now, click on the Request Cancel button and enter the required information like license plate number, reason for cancellation, email address, and last 4 digits of credit card associated with your account.

Provide the required details

[5] After providing the necessary details, click Submit to confirm your cancellation

click Submit  to Cancel Quick Quack Membership

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#2: Cancel Quick Quack Membership via Phone Call

The other easiest way to terminate the membership is by calling Quick Quack customer care. Call the official Quick Quack customer care helpline number (888-772-2792) and provide your membership information, including your account number or membership ID. Tell them the reason for the cancellation and wait for a few minutes, and the representative will cancel your membership.

#3: Cancel Quick Quack Subscription via Email

You can also contact the support team by email[email protected]). From the registered Email ID, send the mail by providing the account details and reason for cancellation. Once sent, you need to wait for the representative to revert you back.


How do I cancel my membership with Quick Quack?

You can cancel the Quick Quack subscription through the official website, via phone call, or by email.

How many locations does quick quack have?

As of now, Quick Quack owns more than 160 outlets around the states of California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.

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