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How to Change Your Age on Tinder in 2022

Is it possible to change age on Tinder?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps used by people across the world. Some people wrongly enter their age and then wonder how to change it. On Tinder, you can change the age only if you have signed up with a Facebook account. It means you can’t change the age on Tinder if you have signed up with a phone number.

How to Change Age on Tinder [Linked With Facebook]

While signing up with Facebook, Tinder will import all the required data from Facebook. So changing the age on your Facebook account will reflect on your Tinder profile automatically.

1. Visit and sign in to the account registered with the Tinder app.

2. Go to your Facebook profile page and click the About button under your cover photo on Facebook.

3. Tap the Contact and basic info menu on the left pane.

4. Tap the edit icon located next to your date of birth.

Change Date of Birth on Facebook

5. Now, change the birthday to the correct date and click on the Save button.

Change Date of Birth on Facebook

According to the configured birth date, the age on your Tinder profile will change automatically within a day.

How to Change Age on Tinder Without Facebook [Linked with Phone Number]

There is no way to change your age on Tinder if you have linked it with the phone number. In that situation, the only possible way is to delete your Tinder account and create a new one.

1. Launch the Tinder app.

2. Navigate to your Profile.

3. Click on Settings.

4. Scroll down, then press Delete Account.

5. To confirm, tap Delete Account. Next, select the reason why you want to delete or remove the Tinder account.

6. Click Submit Feedback and Delete. Finally, tap Delete My Account to confirm.

7. After doing this, you can create or register a new Tinder account with the correct age.

How to Change Age Range on Tinder

1. Launch the Tinder app and navigate to your Profile.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Move the slider to adjust the age range for the profiles you want to visit on Tinder.

Change Age Range on Tinder

How to Hide Your Age on Tinder

On Tinder, you can hide your age with the Tinder Plus subscription.

1. Launch your Tinder account and click Edit Info on the profile settings page.

2. Scroll down to the CONTROL YOUR PROFILE panel.

3. Enable the toggle indicating Don’t Show My Age.

How to Hide Age on Tinder

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age restriction on Tinder?

Yes. The minimum age requirement for Tinder is 18 years. So people below 18 can’t sign in to the app.

How to change the name on Tinder?

Like age, you can change your name on Tinder only if you have signed up with Facebook. You can’t change it if you’ve created an account with a phone number.

Will Tinder update your age automatically?

Yes. Age is one of the important factors on Tinder when finding matches. So the system will automatically update your age each year.

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