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How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr in Easy Ways

Tumblr supports redirecting your primary blog followers to the secondary blog.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform to express yourself and your interest in the world. You can even find interesting things that you like and stay connected with those that matter to you. It is a canvas and it has photos, videos, GIFs maker tools. On the other hand, you shall post all of them with the world. It is a better tool to connect with people in millions of communities. With Tumblr, you shall start a conversation either one-on-one or group chat. It is one of the social tools that support adding secondary blogs. This article discusses how to change the primary blog on Tumblr.

Know the Difference!

  • The primary blog on Tumblr is the one that you have used to sign up with Tumblr. The features include follow, like, submit, and ask.
  • A secondary blog is created in addition to the primary blog. Tumblr supports creating up to ten blogs per day. They might be password protected and can have multiple users who can create and manage posts.

Can you Change Primary Blog on Tumblr?

No. You cannot change your primary Tumblr blog. You cannot change or switch the secondary blog as primary. But you can still convert your secondary blog as your primary Tumblr blog. This will change your primary blog permanently. It is all about redirecting followers to the secondary blog when they are following your primary blog.

How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr?

If you want to change your primary blog on Tumblr, then here are the different ways in which you can do it.

(1) Visit and login to your Tumblr account.

(2) Tap on the Profile icon to select Settings.

Choose Settings to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr
Choose Settings

(3) Choose to open the primary blog Settings.

Select Primary Blog Name
Select Primary Blog Name

(4) Select Edit theme button under Website Themes.

Select Edit Theme
Select Edit Theme

(5) Navigate to the upper-left corner of the screen to click on Edit HTML.

Click on Edit HTML
Click on Edit HTML

(6) After this, you should copy the code given below.

<!- windows.location = "" //->

(7) When you see the coding, then click on the Update Preview button on the top.

Alternative Ways!

There are two other alternative methods available in which you can change the primary blog of Tumblr. Take a glance at them from below.

Longest Way

This method involves changing the URL structure of the Tumblr blog to change it with one another blog.

(1) Tap on the Profile icon to select Settings.

(2) Select the primary blog and go to its Settings page.

(3) Tap on the Edit icon next to the Username field.

(4) Type the secondary blog name on the primary blog address. Tap on the Save button.

(5) Then replace your secondary blog with a temporary blog and then replace the primary blog with the secondary blog URL.

Shortest Way!

If you aren’t going to use the primary Tumblr blog at any time later, then you can delete it. With this, your secondary blog will become the primary blog. This way you can change the primary blog.

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Our Opinion

This way you can redirect your followers to the secondary blog on Tumblr. The last method we suggest is deleting your primary blog and this eventually makes your secondary blog as the primary. Otherwise, you can try the other methods to change the primary blog on Tumblr.

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