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How to Find Windows Username [All OS]

What is your Windows PC’s name? Over a period of time, we tend to forget our PC name. And that is not our fault, as we never use our PC’s username or name frequently. If you want to find your Windows username, there are several possibilities. You can use the Task Manager, Command Prompt, Run, or the PC’s Setting menu to find the username.

Different Ways to Find Windows Username

In total, there are seven ways to find a username on your Windows PC. The easiest of them is by using the Start Menu.

From the Start Window

Click the Start button on the desktop or click the Windows Key on the keyboard. You will get the username. This will work only on Windows 11 PCs. So, you need to update your PC to Windows 11.

Windows username

For Windows 10 PC, click the Profile icon to get the username.

Windows 10 username

Using Keyboard Shortcut

On your Windows PC, press the Win + L shortcut key. This will lock your Windows PC. Now, press any key on the keyboard. You will get the welcome screen. Here, you will see the username. You can also restart your Windows PC to find the username.

Find username on Windows lock screen

From the Task Manager

[1] Open the Task Manager on your Windows PC by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys on your keyboard.

[2] Click the drop-down arrow next to the More details option.

Use Task Manager to see the name

[3] Then, choose the Users tab and you will see your user name.

Click the Users tab

[4] If you’re using multiple accounts, the first name displayed will be your username.

Task Manager on Windows PC

By using the Task Manager, you can also find the Windows generation.

Find Windows Username Using Control Panel

[1] Open the Control Panel on your PC.

[3] In the Control Panel section, click the User Accounts option.

click the User Accounts option

[4] Now, click the User accounts again and this will display your username with the profile picture.

Find the username on Control Panel

You can use the Control Panel method to find usernames on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, or any Windows OS.

From Account Information Center

In the account information center, you can find all your details, including your account name, profile picture, and more.

[1] Press the Ctrl + I to open the Settings menu

[2] From the Settings menu, choose Accounts.

How to Find Windows Username- choose Accounts

[3] Next, select the Your Info and you will see your username under the profile picture.

Settings menu

Find Windows Username Using Command Prompt

[1] Open the Command Prompt on your PC.

[2] The name next to Users is your PC’s username.

Command Prompt

[3] If you want to verify it, type echo %USERNAME% and tap Enter.

[4] Now, your username will display on the screen.

Use Command Prompt to get username

[4] You can also use the whoami command to get the PC username.

Enter whoami to see the username on Windows PC

Run Netplwiz Command

[1] Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Win + R keys.

[2] Type netplwiz in the search bar and tap the Enter key.

Enter netplwiz

[3] You will get the User Account dialog box. You will get all the usernames registered on your PC.

Get the Windows username on User Account box

These are the possible ways to get the username on your Windows PC. Most of the methods here can be used on all Windows PCs.


Can I change my Windows username?

Yes, if you have the admin credentials, you can change your Windows username. Guest users can’t change their usernames.

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