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How to Reset or Change Password On Facebook

Change your Facebook password regularly to protect your account.

Facebook has ever lost its hype even after a decade. It has made its users connect with friends and family. Facebook also helps in finding new friends irrespective of the place and time. You can follow others, get followers, update stories, post photos, chat with them and do more. Besides being social, you can play games with other Facebook friends. In order to access all these features, you need an account and encrypt it with a password. Facebook supports changing passwords whenever for any reason. This, in turn, will prevent your account from being hacked. You can change the password on Facebook if you know the current password. For others, we have covered a section that deals with resetting the Facebook password.

How to Change Password on Facebook?

To change your Facebook account password, you can follow the guidelines given below.

Change Facebook Password using Browser

If you know the current Facebook password, then you can change it with the following procedure.

(1) Launch browser of your choice and visit https://www.facebook.com.

Note: Make sure you have logged into your Facebook account.

(2) Tap on the drop-down icon from the top-right corner and select Settings option.

Hit Settings
Hit Settings

(3) When directed to the Account Settings page, select Security and Login.

Select Security and Login - Change Password On Facebook
Select Security and Login

(4) Under Login, select the Edit button present next to Change Password.

(5) On the next screen, enter current password, new password and retype it. Tap on Save Changes button.

Change Password on Facebook
Change Password

(6) On Password Changed screen, choose to Log out of all devices or Stay logged in. Press Continue.

Logout or Stay logged in
Logout or Stay logged in

You have successfully changed the Facebook password from browser.

Change Facebook Password using Smartphone (Android | iOS)

It is possible to change your Facebook password right from your Android or iOS device. Get in to know the procedure.

(1) Launch Facebook on your smartphone.

(2) Tap on Menu (three vertical lines) from the top-right corner.

Press Menu
Press Menu

(3) Scroll down to choose Settings option.

Hit Settings and Privacy - Change Password On Facebook
Hit Settings and Privacy

(4) Select Security and login under Security.

Choose Security and login
Choose Security and login

(5) Under Login, click on > to Change password.

Select Change Password on Facebook
Select Change Password

(6) Provide your current password, new password and retype new password on the respective filed. Click on the Save Changes button.

With this, your Facebook account password gets changes successfully.

If you are no longer using a Facebook account, then you can delete that Facebook account easily.

How to Reset Facebook Account Password?

If you forgot your Facebook account password, then you can reset it to get back.

(1) Open the web browser of your choice on your device.

(2) Click on the link to visit the reset password page.

Enter Phone Number or Email
Enter Phone Number or Email

(3) You may provide a phone number or email address and click on the Search button.

(4) Choose to get an SMS code with any of the phone numbers and click on Continue.

(5) Enter the new password to access your Facebook account and click on the Continue button.

Provide New Password - Reset Password on Facebook
Provide New Password

(6) On the next screen, choose to log out of all devices or stay logged in.

Choose to Log out or Stay logged in
Choose to Log out or Stay logged in

That’s all about changing and resetting Facebook password.

Did you face any issues with changing the Facebook password? Then let us know it as comments. For related articles, you can visit our Facebook and Twitter page.

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