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How to Change Birthday on your Instagram Account

Instagram lets you change your birthday directly on your profile or import it from Facebook.

Photo and video sharing wouldn’t be complete without Instagram. It is a great social platform to share what you are up to. With Instagram, you can connect to the people and things you love. Instagram asks you for the age details to make sure you aren’t an underage user. Also, it uses age details to bring you relevant content. If you have provided the wrong date of birth and want to change it, then Instagram lets you do it. Currently, changing your birthday on the Instagram profile is possible only if you haven’t connected your Facebook profile. If you have linked, Instagram will import the birthday automatically from your Facebook profile. In those situations, you need to change the birthday on your Facebook profile to change the date of birth detail on Instagram.

Note: Remember that you can’t remove the birthday details once it has been updated to your profile.

How to Change Birthday on Instagram

As we said earlier, Instagram lets you change the date of birth only if you haven’t linked the Facebook account.

(1). Launch the Instagram app and click on the Profile icon.

(2). Tap on the Edit Profile button.

(3). Select Personal Information Settings.

(4). Click on Birthday and change your date of birth details.

Change your Birthday on Instagram

Note: Tap on Update on Facebook to import the data from the Facebook account.

Changing your birthday on Instagram is that simple and easy. Make sure you provide personal info correctly including your date of birth. This will let Instagram show you age-appropriate content that isn’t sensitive or inappropriate to your age. Currently, you can change your birthday only on the Instagram app. You can’t do the same on web browsers.

Hope you have been able to change your date of birth on Instagram. If you have got any queries, then ask them as comments. Visit us on our social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for more useful article updates.


1. Can you change the date of birth on Instagram?

Yes, you can change your date of birth on Instagram. If you are 13+ years old, you can use Instagram without any limitations.

2. how to remove birthday from Instagram?

As of now, you can’t remove you birthday from Instagram once it is added.

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