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How to Clear Cache on Xbox 360 Gaming Console

You must do this on your Xbox 360 consoles regularly to get the best gaming experience.

Xbox 360 is a powerful video game console with impressive features. It will function more than a gaming console where you can play online content, install streaming apps, watch HD media contents, and many more. Caches are the temporary files stored on your Xbox console every time you are playing games and streaming content. Obviously your console will start performing slow or takes more time to load. This means that your device is somewhat uncooperative with your actions. Under these circumstances, you will need to check your device storage and also check whether there is any software update available. You can resolve the issues by clearing caches from your Xbox 360 console. Removing the Caches will never remove your downloaded contents, previous game updates, game files, game tags, and pictures that you share with your friends. Now you can follow the below instructions to clear the cache on your Xbox 360 console.


Clear System Cache on Xbox 360

#1: Power up your Xbox 360 console.

#2: Make sure your Xbox controller is synced with your Xbox 360 console.

#3: Press the Guide button on your controller, to open the device settings.

Clear Cache on Xbox 360
Clear Cache on Xbox 360

#4: Select System settings.

Select System

#5: Highlight the Storage option and then press the Y controller button.

Select Storage

#6: You will see Device options appear on the screen, select Clear System Cache.

Select Clear System Cache

#7: Then select Yes from the prompt to confirm your selection.

Clear Cache on Xbox 360

#8: Once the caches are cleared, the Storage Devices screen will appear on the screen.

#9: Now press the Guide button on the controller to return to the Xbox home screen.

The above procedure will clear caches on all your registered devices. If you want to clear active device cache, you can follow the same steps from #1 to #4 and then go with the following instructions.

#5: Select the Storage Devices option.

#6: Then highlight your device name you would like to clear caches.

Select your device

#7: Next press the Y button to open the Device Options, followed by Select Clear System Cache.

Clear Cache on Xbox 360

#8: Next hit Yes to clear the caches of your active devices.

Clear Cache on Xbox 360

To Conclude

These are the essential procedures to clear the system cache from your Xbox console. You can do this procedure at regular intervals to resolve the issues on your console. Once the temporary files are removed, you need to download the updates again when you get into the game.

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