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How to get Instagram on Apple Watch

By using the Lens app, you can see the Instagram feeds on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is yet again a signature smart device from Apple gazette. It is a wearable smartphone. Yes, you can do all the things that you can do on the Apple smartphone. There are some apps in the Apple Store which has a dedicated version for Apple Watch. Even the watch comes with a built-in App Store to install apps on your Apple Watch. There are almost 37 apps are available on Apple Watch. If you want more apps, you can install other apps on the App Store. If you wondering how to install and get Instagram on Apple Watch, follow the below guide to get the answer.


How to Get Instagram on Apple Watch?

The Instagram app was available on the Apple Watch until 2018. After that, the app was removed from the Apple Watch and leaving all the Apple Watch users in distress. But in smart devices, there is no room for impossibilities only if you know how to do it. Even though the Instagram app is not available on Apple Watch, you can use the app on your Apple Watch.

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How to use Instagram on Apple Watch?

(1) On your iPhone, install the Lens apps from the App Store.

(2) After installing the app, open the app on your iPhone and click Login to Instagram.

(3) A pop-up will be prompted stating that the app is not installed on Apple Watch. Click OK.

(4) Now, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and choose the Lens app.

(5) Turn on the Show App on Apple Watch Toggle button.

(6) Now, go to the Lens app and log in to Instagram with your Facebook login credentials. It will ask the activation code. On your Facebook app, go to Settings & Privacy and click Code Generator. A code will be displayed, enter the code in the Lens apps and click Continue.

(7) Now go to the Apple Watch and open the Lens app.

(8) Once you open the Lens app, you will see a list of options like Home, Stories, Activity, Explore, Messages, Profile, and Search.

(9) If you know about Instagram, you will what those options are. Click on the desired option and turn the Digital Crown to scroll up & down. You can’t see the Stories in the free version, you need to get a pro version for $1.99.

Our Opinion

This is how you use Instagram on Apple Watch. You can’t install the native Instagram app on Apple Watch. With the Lens app, you can get to use the app on Apple Watch. If you want to use the app without the third-party app, you need to wait until the app comes back for Apple Watch.

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