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How to Get Freepik Premium for Free [2024]

Simple ways to download the Freepik premium images for free.

Key Highlights

  • Freepik is not offering any free trial. But there is a secret hack to get Freepik Premium files for free.
  • You can use the money-back policy or third-party extensions to get Freepik Premium for free.

In this article, we will teach you four simple tricks to download Freepik Premium images for free. Additionally, we have listed a few third-party websites where you can get Freepik vectors, PSD, and stock photos without any subscription.

Get Freepik Premium for Free Using a Money-Back Policy

Freepik is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can request a full refund within 30 days from billing if you are unsatisfied with their service.

1. On your PC or smartphone, go to the Freepik subscription page and buy any plan.

2. Go to the Freepik support page ( within 30 days.

3. In the Category drop-down menu, choose the Queries about Premium subscription/payments option.

Select Queries about Premium subscription/payments

4. Then, you will get two drop-down menus. Choose the I need a refund and Current invoice in both menus.

5. Make sure that the mail ID entered is correct. Then, write a message about dissatisfaction with the Freepik platform.

Enter the details to submit a request

6. Verify the captcha and click the Send button.

7. If applicable, they will review your request and initiate the refund.

Terms and Conditions to Get Freepik Refund

The important thing to note here is that Freepik won’t offer refunds to all subscribed users. You should meet some terms to get a refund from Freepik. They are,

  • We can request a refund only during the current billing cycle. We can’t request previous or past billings.
  • We need to request a refund within 30 days of purchase or auto-renewal. If you have crossed the 30-day mark, you can get a refund.
  • Refunds are considered only if you have not used the premium benefits. You won’t get a refund if you have downloaded too many premium files. Refunds are initiated only if the premium benefits are never used or have negligible usage.
  • You won’t get any partial refund from Freepik. You will get a full refund, if applicable, or you won’t get a refund.

Use Cookie-Editor Extension on Chrome to Access Freepik Premium for Free

To perform this method, you must download the Chrome extension called Cookie Editor. By using the cookie editor, you can import and export the cookies of Freepik Premium and access them.

1. In your Chrome browser, open the Chrome Web store.

Clcik Add to Chrome to install Cookie Editor

2. Type and search for Cookie Editor Extension. Click Add to Chrome next to the name of the Cookie Editor extension.

3. Now, open the Cookie editor extension.

4. On the extension, delete the existing cookies.

Method to get Freepik premium for free

5. After deleting the cookies, click on Import and import the premium cookies to the extension from a trusted site.

6. Visit the Freepik website and hit the refresh button. Now, you can access the premium content of Freepik using the premium cookies.

Get Freepik Premium Using 48 Hours Free Premium Access

This is a simple trick that most users access on the Freepik websites to get the premium images for 2 days.

1. Visit the Freepik website on your browser.

2. On the website, click Sign-up using your Email ID.

Enter payment details to avail Freepik premium for 48 hours

3. After enrolling details on the sign-up page, select the PayPal Payment method.

Note: The main thing in this method is to link a low or Zero-balance PayPal account. On your PayPal account, turn off the Auto-payment option in the settings.

4. You will get 48 hours of premium access to the Freepik website after linking your PayPal account. You can use this period to download as many premium pictures as possible.

We have used different email IDs and payment PayPal account details to get the premium version of Freepik for free.

Use Base 64 Decode Website to Access Freepik Premium

1. Visit using a web browser on your PC or smartphone.

2. On the home screen of the website, paste the following code on the decoding box:

Visit Base64 decoder website

3. Click on the Decode button below the box.

4. It will generate a Google Drive link containing several zip files.

5. Open the link in a new tab and download all the files.

Unzip and download all the files

6. After downloading them, extract the zip files on your computer to access a certain number of premium Freepik files for free.

Alternate Websites to Download Freepik Premium

Besides the above-mentioned ways, you can use unofficial third-party websites to download Freepik images and vectors for free. Some of them are listed as follows.


Other than these websites, you can also use a Telegram bot to download Freepik Premium vectors and PSD files at no cost.

Freepik Free vs. Premium

Daily downloads10/dayUnlimited
Daily AI text-to-image generation20/dayUnlimited
AI Art generator with PikasoLimitedUnlimited
Online EditorFree contentUnlimited
139M Premium vectors, photos, AI images, icons, videos, PSD, etcUnlimited
No attribution required
Free Flaticon account
Ad-free browsing
Priority support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Freepik free for commercial use?

Yes. You can use the free or premium Freepik images for any commercial purposes for free. But you need to follow the usage guidelines imposed by Freepik. If you violate any guidelines, your work may get copyright issues.

Are there any Freepik Premium accounts?

There are many emails and passwords that are claimed to be Freepik Premium accounts. We tried all those accounts on Freepik. But none of them are working.

Is there any Freepik Premium Downloader bot?

Numerous Telegram bots are available for Freepik Premium, but they are unofficial.

What is the daily limit for Freepik Premium?

You can download up to 100 resource files daily with a Freepik Premium plan.

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