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How to Get Freepik Premium for Free

Simple ways to download the Freepik premium images for free.

Freepik is a website with high-quality photos, vector images, illustrations, and PSD files for graphic designers, bloggers, etc. Some users find that the premium version is slightly overpriced and wonder whether there is any way to get the Freepik premium service for free. Officially, there is no direct way to get the Freepik Premium for free. But, you can get it by doing some simple tricks.

Note – Unfortunately, Freepik doesn’t offer any free trial.

Freepik Free vs Premium

Free images
Premium vectors, stock photos, and PSD files
Vector icons, stickers, and logos
Unlimited downloads
Unlimited collections
Customer support

Methods to Get Freepik Premium Images for Free

To access and download the premium Freepik images for free by

  • Installing Cookie-Editor extension
  • Getting access to the 48 hours of premium membership
  • Using the Base 64 Decode website

Using Cookie-Editor Extension

To perform this method, you must download the Chrome extension called Cookie Editor. By using cookie editor, you can import and export cookie files and access many features.

1: In your Chrome browser, open the Chrome Web store.

Cookie Editor Extension

2: Type and search for Cookie Editor Extension. Click Add to chrome next to the name of the Cookie Editor extension.

3: Now, open the Cookie editor extension.

4: On the extension, delete the existing cookies.

Method to get Freepik premium for free

5: After deleting the cookies, click on Import and import the premium cookies to the extension from a trusted site.

6: Visit the Freepik website and hit the refresh button. Now, you can access the premium content of Freepik using the premium cookies.

Tips! Simple ways to get a Wix premium subscription for free.

Using 48 Hours Free Premium Access

This is a simple trick that most users access on the Freepik websites to get the premium images for 2-days.

1: Visit the Freepik website on your browser.

2: On the website, click Sign-up using your Email id.

To avail Freepik premium for 48 hours

3: After enrolling details on the sign-up page, select the PayPal Payment method.

Note: The main thing in this method is to link a low or Zero balance PayPal account. On your PayPal account, turn off the Auto-payment option in the settings.

4: After linking your PayPal account, you will have 48 hours of premium access to the Freepik website. You can utilize this period to download many premium pictures as you want.

You can follow this same method by using different email IDs and payment PayPal account details to avail the premium version of Freepik for free.

Using Base 64 Decode Website

1: Visit using a web browser on your PC or smartphone.

2: On the home screen of the website, paste the following code on the decode box:

Base64 decoder website

3: Click on the Decode button below the box.

4: It will generate a google drive link containing several zip files.

5: Open the link in a new tab and download all the files.

Unzip and download all the files

6: After downloading them, extract the zip files on your computer to access a certain amount of premium files of Freepik for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Freepik premium?

There are two premium plans available on Freepik. The monthly plan costs $24, and the annual plan costs $144 ($12/month).

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