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How to Combine Streaming on Twitch or YouTube With Study

Social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube are among the top-rated and are a great source of fame and money for people, including students. The online medium has provided students with the benefit of side income and earning along with studies. 

However, it is also essential to understand what striking a balance means between the two, which is needed in the long run. If you are someone looking to find a balance, then a few tips and tricks will be helpful for you. 

Create a schedule 

The first step to finding a balance is to allocate the time-division between these two important aspects of your life. You can start by creating a schedule daily. Factor in the hours you need for classes, assignments, projects on one side. 

Next, plan the number of hours you put in daily to make videos, content and upload it on your platform. Once you have a clear understanding, it will become much easier for you. Run a test schedule for a few days and see how it fits for you. If it does not, you can make changes as per the ask. 

Best way to combine study and streaming

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Learn skills along the way

It is essential to upskill and learn new things about studies and the new mediums as you go along. If you are already a YouTuber or an influencer on Twitch, you are on the right path. Now, your focus should be on attending college well and attaining as much skill as possible. Look for new ways to combine study and work along with such activities that you are planning for your fame. For example, you can upload a video informing of a particular course or skill that you learned in college on your YouTube platform. This way, you target growth in terms of both your degree as well as education. 

How to Combine Streaming on Twitch

Do not leave anything for last 

Leaving things and assignments for the eleventh hour is never a good idea. Whether it is about creating a college assignment, or the video for YouTube, do it with enough time. If you leave a task for the last hour, and something else comes up on the second front, you will be faced with a tough situation and perhaps unable to perform your best. Thus, this is the biggest lesson you must understand as a student. The habits that you form in college will go ahead with you and last a lifetime. 

Keep a buffer

Apart from managing things and doing them on time, remember to keep a buffer for every critical activity. For example, you plan to post a video on YouTube, but you also have your university exams, then keep a buffer of a day or two before you post anything on the platform. Make time for the important tasks first, and always keep a buffer of a day or two in between. 

Manage stress and focus on health 

Managing two things at the same time can be hectic and stressful for you as a young person. Remember to eat healthily, sleep well and work a good routine so that stress is also under control. If you get caught in stressful situations, often it is a sign that you need to either plan better or let go of some tasks that may be adding to your stress. Practice meditation and indulge in daily workouts to manage stress and keep things going smoothly.


Enjoy along the way as you are already doing great and mighty things with your life. As a student, you are young and free to explore. Make the most of your YouTube and Twitch platforms to experiment with new-age media and enjoy the many benefits it brings to you. Do not hesitate to take help and seek guidance as and when required. The internet is a powerful medium, and you are fortunate to have the chance to explore it and do fun things.

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