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How To Delete a VSCO Account Easily in 3 Ways

All you need to know about deleting your VSCO account.

Key Highlights

  • Users can only delete their VSCO account from the app only on iOS.
  • For Android and Desktop, you can access the browser to delete the account permanently.

VSCO is a unique photo and video editing tool for Photopragy users. To use the premium features of the VSCO platform, you must subscribe to the premium plans. If you have subscribed to the platform and felt unworthy or unsatisfied with the features available, you can delete your VSCO account anytime from your smartphone and desktop. Moreover, before proceeding with the account deletion, you must cancel your VSCO subscription permanently to cancel the auto-renewal. In addition, VSCO lets you deactivate your account temporarily if you wish to take a break for a short time.

How to Delete VSCO Account on Mobile App

Unfortunately, VSCO offers the Delete Account feature only on the iOS app. To delete the account, make sure you have updated the app on your iPhone to the V256 or later.

1. Unlock your iPhone and launch the VSCO app.

2. Tap the Smiley icon at the bottom.

delete VSCO account on iOS app

3. Next, tap the Hamburger icon at the left.

4. Choose Settings and go to Support.

VSCO Support option

5. Under Support, choose Delete my Profile.

6. On confirmation, tap Continue.

7. Type the VSCO account password to proceed with the account deletion.

8. Finally, tap Delete VSCO Profile.

How to Delete Your VSCO Account on Browser

For Android and desktop versions, you can delete the VSCO account permanently using the browser.

1. Login to your VSCO account.

2. Click the Hamburger icon (top-right) and go to Account.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Delete my Account button in blue color.

how to delete a vsco account

Keep in mind that the delete VSCO account feature takes some time, as long as several hours, to completely delete and remove data from it.

Note: Users with an active VSCO subscription must cancel it beforehand. Deleting your account will not cancel your subscription, and you may be charged.

Alternative Method to Delete Your VSCO Account

If you have signed up on VSCO using a Phone number, Facebook, or Google account, you must require your Email ID to delete the account.

1. Go to the VSCO app and login using your Phone number, Google, or Facebook ID.

2. By tapping the Smiley icon, go to the Profile and choose Edit (Near your Profile name).

3. You can see the phone number at the bottom. If you have signed up using Facebook or Google, you can find the email ID associated.

4. Update the phone number associated with an email account.

5. Sign in to your VSCO account using the email ID.

Note: An verification email will be sent to your inbox to verify the device.

6. Once verified, login again to your VSCO account.

7. Tap Menu and go to Settings.

8. Click/Tap Delete My Account under Settings.

9. Finally, enter the password to proceed with the deletion.

How to Deactivate Your VSCO Account Temporarily

If you don’t want to permanently delete your VSCO account but want to get rid of the platform, you can deactivate it.

1. Log in to your VSCO account.

2. Click this link to go to the VSCO deactivation page.

how to deactivate a vsco account

3. Click the first option to deactivate the profile alone. This deactivates only your profile with images, and you can access your in-app purchases.

4. Click the second option to deactivate your profile and account. With this, you have no access to your account as it goes dormant.

If you change your mind anytime later about reactivating your account, you can simply log in and reactivate it.

How to Download a Copy of My Personal Data on VSCO?

VSCO allows you to maintain ownership of your data with an option to download your photos and other data as a Snapshot. A snapshot is a ZIP file with all your data that can take upto 2 hours to create and is available for the next 7 days to download. To do it,

1. Go to and sign in to your account.

2. On the top right of the screen, click the Settings icon (round icon).

3. Scroll down until you find the Access snapshot button.

Download VSCO snapshot

To point out, images in your Studio will not be a part of the Snapshot as they will be stored on your device already.

You can delete the VSCO account by yourself from your account page. If you can’t do it or if you face any issues while deleting your account, you can contact VSCO support. Also, remember that once you have deleted your account, you can’t access the platform again. You cannot take back your decision once your account and the associated data are deleted. So think twice before you know how to delete a VSCO account.

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