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How to Cancel LA Fitness Membership [2 Easy Ways]

Cancel or freeze your LA Fitness Membership, if you no longer use it.

LA Fitness is one of the reputed gym chains in the United States and in Canada. It has more than 700 clubs and is in existence since 1984. You have your own reasons to go to the LA Fitness center. But after a while, you may feel that the gym is not the correct choice for you or you may not have enough time for the gym or if you don’t like the personal training, you can cancel LA Fitness Membership. You can’t cancel this LA Fitness Membership easily via a smartphone app or PC, but you need to do it in the hard copy way.

LA Fitness Membership

Generall, LA Fitness Membership offer two types of memberships.

LA Fitness Membership
  • $29.99 per month (excluded of $99 initiation fee and $39 annual fee). You can access any LA Fitness club nearer to your location.
  • $26.99 per month (excluded of $99 initiation fee and $39 annual fee). You can access only one LA Fitness club.

How to Cancel LA Fitness Membership

Cancel LA Fitness Membership

Though LA Fitness has both Android and iOS applications, you have to do the cancellation process in an offline way.

(1) Log in to your LA Fitness Membership account.

(2) Get to the Cancel Membership option.

(3) You will get the Cancellation Form. Fill in the form and ensure that all your details entered in the form are correct.

(4) If you can’t get the Cancellation Form online, you can get one from any of the LA Fitness clubs.

(5) Now, you have three options to cancel your LA Fitness Membership.

1. Post the Cancellation Form to the address LA Fitness, PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170. Use the certified mail, so that you will receive a receipt when LA Fitness receives your mail. Make sure that you are mailing the form more than 5 days before the next renewal cycle.
2. Fax the Cancellation Form, if you know the fax number of LA Fitness.
3. Go to your LA Fitness club and handover the cancellation form in person. Tell them why you are canceling the membership. The executives will be available between 9 AM to 5 PM (Mon to Fri).

(6) Your cancellation process will take upto 48 hours. After that, call the customer service number 888-601-5870 to ensure that your membership is canceled. If not, contact a LA Fitness club executive about the issue.

How to Suspend LA Fitness Membership

If you want to join LA Fitness Membership again, after the cancellation, you need to pay the initiation fee again. Instead, you can suspend your membership in case you wish to only pause your gym activities for a while. To suspend the membership for a month, you need to pay $10. If you pay an advance of $35, you can suspend your membership for upto six months. In this way, you won’t be charged the initiation charge for the next time.

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This is how you cancel your LA Fitness Membership. It is surprising to see that the most reputed fitness club is not having the cancellation process online. Maybe they think that human-to-human interactions are better in health-related sectors. If you have any doubts about the cancellation process, tell us in the comments section.

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