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How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Earth

Turn off the dark mode on Google Earth to change the appearance.

Key Highlights

  • Mobile: Launch Google Earth app Hamburger iconSettings Dark theme/Application ThemeLight.
  • Desktop: Head to Google Earth site → Hamburger iconSettingsApplication Theme LightSave.

Google Earth is similar to Google maps. It is the browser that renders a three-dimensional representation of Earth. It allows users to view cities and geographies from diverse angles. You can also access satellite images, aerial photography, GIS data, and other information. By default, Google Earth is available in the dark mode feature. You can turn off the dark mode on Google Earth at any time to use it in the Light theme on your smartphone or web.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Earth on Mobile

[1]. Launch the Google Earth app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

[2]. On the Home screen, tap the Hamburger icon at the top left corner.

tap on the Hamburger icon

[3]. Select Settings from the menu list.

Select Settings

[4]. On Android, scroll down and select Dark theme under the General section.

select the Dark theme option

On iPhone, tap the Application Theme option under Display settings.

click on the Application Theme option

[5]. Choose Light to turn off the dark theme on the Google Earth app.

Select the Light option to turn off dark mode on the Google Earth app.

Alternate Method To Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Earth

[1]. Configure the Google Earth app to follow the System Settings (Open the app → Hamburger iconSettingsDarkTheme /Application ThemeSystem).

Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Earth using device settings

[2]. Now, enable Light mode on Android or iPhone.

[3]. Launch the Google Earth app and access it in the light theme feature.

Tip! Like Google Earth, you can enable the dark mode on Google Maps for a better viewing experience under sunlight.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Earth on Web Version

[1]. On your desktop or laptop, open the browser and go to the official site of Google Earth site –https://earth.google.com/.

[2]. Tap the Hamburger menu at the top left corner of the screen.

Tap on the Hamburger icon

[3]. Tap Settings from the list.

Tap on the Settings option

[4]. On the Settings prompt screen, select the Application theme under the Display Settings section.

[5]. Tap the drop-down icon and choose Light.

Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Earth on Web version

[6]. Finally, click Save at the bottom to confirm the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Google Earth Pro costs?

Google Earth Pro on the desktop is free to use. You can access GIS data and explore the place over the internet.

2. How much data does Google Earth use?

When you actively use the Google Earth application, the average consumption will be less than 3 MB per hour.

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