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How to Delete Instacart Account Permanently

Delete your Instacart account by contacting the customer support.

Key Highlights

  • iPhone: Instacart app → menu icon → Account SettingsAccount InformationDelete Account.
  • Chat: Instacart site → Contact UsMy AccountAccount InformationI still need helpChat with UsSubmit your query.
  • You can also delete your account by sending a mail to [email protected] or calling 1-888-246-782.

Instacart is a popular grocery delivery and pickup platform in the US. The main function of Instacart is to deliver the ordered groceries to the customer’s doorstep. Moreover, you can pick up the grocery from your favorite outlets by staying in the car. Instacart delivers dairy products, meat, seafood, pantry food, baked goods, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. Sometimes, you may get annoyed because the delivery gets delayed, or you may receive expired products from the shops. If you are unsatisfied with the Instacart service, you can delete your account by contacting customer service.

Methods to Delete your account

Like other subscription and online delivery platforms, the Instacart account can’t be deleted by the users. Instead, you can try reaching customer service in the following ways.

1. Using the Instacart app.

2. Using online chat.

3. Use Instacart toll-free number.

4. Via email.

Deleting Instacart Account Using App

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your Instacart account on the Android app. Instacart provides the account deletion feature only on iOS.

1. First, launch the Instacart app on your device.

2. Tap the Menu icon (horizontal bars) at the top right and click Account settings.

3. Next, click Account informationDelete account.

You will receive an email regarding your deletion request in your inbox. Open the mail and click on Confirm to proceed with the deletion.

Note: You need to respond within 7 business days. Failing, you may need to submit another deletion request.

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Steps to Delete Instacart Account by Chat

1. Launch a browser, and visit the official site of Instacart Help.

2. Next, Sign in on the Instacart Contact Us page.

3. Then, click My Account.

Method to delete Instacart account

4. Under Account information, click on I still need help.

Click on i Still need help option

5. It will direct you to the Contact Us page. Click Chat with us.

To delete the Instacart account via online chat

6. You will be connected with a Chat support person. Request for the deletion by providing your Instacard account details. Your Instacart account will be deleted within 3 business days.

Delete Instacart Account through Call

1. First, dial the Instacart customer service helpline at 1-888-246-782 and request for account deletion.

2. To delete your account, you need to provide certain account-related information, such as Name, email ID, and mobile number linked with the account.

3. Once the account details are verified, your account will be deleted along with the subscription. Further, you will receive the confirmation of your account deletion from Instacart.

Delete Instacard Account by Email

Before requesting deletion, ensure to send mail from your registered email with Instacart.

1. Launch your default email application on your device.

Writing a email to Instacart service

2. Type [email protected] in the recipient field. Next, regarding the deletion of your Instacart account, mention Request for Instacart Account Deletion on the subject.

3. For reference, mention your account details, such as email ID, mobile number, etc.

4. Instacart will delete your account within 3 business days, and you will receive the confirmation via email.

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Steps to Delete Instacart Shopper Account

You can delete your Shopper account by contacting Instacart Shopper support.

1. On the Shoppers app, tap the Question (?) icon on the top right.

2. Tap the support icon on the right and choose the options (Chat, Scheduling Call, or Call Now) to contact support.

Note: You can request deletion even on the website. Go to the Instacart Help page and log in. At the bottom, click on Contact under Shopper Help → Click Get Support under Shopper Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel Instacart express?

To cancel your Instacart Express membership, open the app → Tap three horizontal dots → Instacart Express → Cancel membershipContinue to cancel. Finally, choose a reason for canceling the membership and click Cancel.

2. How to cancel an Instacart subscription and get a refund?

To get a refund, you need to cancel your membership within 15 days of your subscription, with the condition that if you hadn’t ordered the products during these 15 days, you are eligible for a refund.

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