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How to Log out of Twitter [3 Easy Ways]

For more privacy and safety, log out of Twitter from all your devices if you are away.

Twitter, a free and easy to use social networking service used by millions. It is specially developed to connect people as one can follow any number of persons. It is an all in one platform to share your thoughts across a huge community. All your tweets and uploads are visible to people who follow you. It is a cross-platform service that will keep you updated with the latest news and trendings around the world. Twitter is available as both website and smartphone app. Additionally, it allows you to stay logged in forever. If you don’t want to stay logged in or change your device, you need to log out of your Twitter account. The logout process is simple and effortless on Twitter, on both mobile app or PC.

How to Log Out of Twitter from Mobile App

If you are using Twitter on the Smartphone (Android & iOS), and you want to log out Twitter, just follow the steps below.

#1: On your Smartphone, launch the Twitter app.

#2: Tap on your Profile icon or Navigation menu icon at the top of the app screen.

#3: Next, tap Settings and Privacy option.

select Settings and privacy option

#4: Here, you need to select the Account option.

tap Account option

#5: Then, tap Log out option (indicated by red color) located at the bottom of the screen.

Logout of Twitter

#6: Finally, tap OK to confirm your Twitter account log out.

How to Log Out of Twitter from Website

Logging out of Twitter from the website is more straightforward than the mobile app.

#1: Launch any browser on your computer or Smartphone.

#2: Go to the Official Twitter website.

#3: Make sure that you have logged in with your Twitter account.

Login to Twitter

#4: On the left side of the screen, you will find your profile picture and account name with a drop-down option, click on it.

Click Twitter account drop down

#5: Then, select Log Out from the list of options.

Logout of Twitter

#6: Finally, click Log out from the prompt.

Logout of Twitter

How to Log Out your Twitter Account from all Active Devices

This procedure is the same for both the Twitter mobile app and website.

#1: Open the Twitter on your device in which you want to keep your account active.

#2: Click the More option from the left pane, if you are using Twitter on a web browser.

Note: For mobile users, tap the Profile icon.

#3: Next, select the Settings and privacy option.

Click More and choose Settings and Privacy

#4: Then, select Account.

Select Account option

#5: On the next screen, select the Apps and sessions option under the Data and permissions section.

Choose Apps and Sessions

#6: Then, select Log out all other sessions under the Sessions section.

Logout of Twitter

#7: At the end, select Log out from the prompt to end up Twitter on all other devices.

Logout of Twitter

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To Conclude

These are the recommended way to log out of Twitter on all your devices. Generally, logging out of Twitter will no longer affect the existing data and never delete the Twitter account. Once before logging out, you need to take the account back up for any further purposes.

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