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How to Turn off YouTube Notifications

Tired of getting frequent notifications from YouTube? Navigate to your settings and turn off the unwanted notifications.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform owned by Google. Users can also watch other videos without any sign-in process. If you want to receive notifications for the videos from your favorite channels, you need to log in with your Google account. After logging in, YouTube provides notifications related to subscriptions, video recommendations, channel activities, likes, and comments. When you don’t want to have all these notifications, you can turn it off easily on the settings. If you’re tired of receiving off these YouTube notifications, you can turn it off simply with the help of the following section.

Turn Off YouTube Notifications Using Android & iPhone

Step 1: Open YouTube App

Open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device (iPhone and iPad). Login into your user account if you’re logged out.

Open YouTube

Step 2: Go to Profile

Go to your profile by tapping your profile avatar on the top right corner.

Profile Avatar

Step 3: Go to Settings

Under your profile, you can find various options related to your account. Find and select the Settings menu.


Step 4: Notifications

Scroll down to find the Notifications tab and select it to open.


Step 5: Disable the Unwanted Notifications

In that screen, you can find all the enabled notifications. Now, disable the unwanted notifications by toggling the slider located next to the respective menu. For example, if you don’t want to receive notifications related to product updates, toggle the slider located next to Product updates.

Turn off YouTube Notifications

Turn Off YouTube Notifications Using Web Browser

All the steps will be quite similar.

Step 1: Open YouTube

Open a web browser on your Windows or Mac device and visit Tap the profile avatar on the top right corner.

Profile avatar

Step 2: Go to Settings

Click the Settings menu to access the settings page of your account


Step 3: Open Notifications

Select the Notifications tab on the left side panel to view all the notifications that you enabled.

Select the Notifications tab

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Step 4: Disable the Unwanted Notification

Like the mobile version, select and turn off the notifications that you don’t want to receive from YouTube.

disable the unwanted notifications

Note: If you decided to not receive any notification from an particular channel, navigate to that Channel page and unsubscribe it.

After disabling, you will not receive any related notifications. But, you can view the videos and other stuff. Still having difficulties in turning off or having any other suggestions, write to us in the comment section. Keep in touch with us by following our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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