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How to Update Your Xbox One Controller Firmware

Update your Xbox One controller regularly to enjoy the best gaming experience.

Xbox One is one of the popular gaming consoles used to play high-end games on your TV screen. It comes with thousands of gaming options and provides a real-time experience. You can find games under different categories like fighting, FPS, racing, TPS, sports, adventure, etc. Like PlayStation, Xbox One also comes with a controller, and it must be updated regularly to receive various improvements. If you don’t know how to update Xbox One Controller, the detailed step-by-step procedure is here.

How to Update Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller can be updated using three different methods. Let’s discuss all three methods with the necessary screenshots.

  1. Wirelessly
  2. With USB
  3. Using Windows 10 computer

Steps to Update Xbox One Controller Wirelessly

The following method is only applicable for the controllers purchased in June 2015 & later.

[1] Turn on your Xbox console and connect it with a good internet connection.

[2] Press the Xbox button on your controller.

[3] Navigate to System and click Settings.

Xbox one settings

[4] Next, tap on Kinect & Device and choose Devices & Accessories.

Devices & Accessories

[5] Select the controller you want to update and click on three dots.

Select your Controller to update

[6] Select the Firmware version box followed by a version number.

Update Xbox One Controller- Firmware number

[7] Click Update Now, and the Xbox One Controller will start to update within a few seconds.

Update Xbox One Controller

[8] Once done, click Close.

Steps to Update Xbox One Controller Using USB

[1] Turn on your Xbox Controller.

[2] Connect your controller to the Xbox One using a USB cable.

[3] Press the Xbox button on your controller.

[4] Navigate to System and select Settings.

[5] Select Kinect & Device and click Devices & Accessories.

[6] Click on three-dot and select the Firmware version box.

[7] Click Continue and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

Note – Don’t disconnect the controller from the Console until the update process is completed.

Update Xbox One Controller using USB

Steps to Update Xbox One Controller Using Computer

[1] Turn on your Windows 10 PC and open the Xbox Accessories app. If you haven’t installed it yet, get it from the Microsoft Store.

[2] Connect your Xbox One controller to your PC using a USB cable or Xbox wireless adapter for Windows.

[3] Once your controller is connected, a message will pop up saying Update required (if there is an update available for the controller).

Update Xbox One Controller using Computer

[4] Follow the instruction and click Continue.

[5] Once updated, click Next to complete the process.

If you don’t see an automatic update message, click the three-dot icon and click Firmware to update the Controller. Do you want to share any information related to this post? Mention them in the comments section.

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