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How to Write the Perfect Real Estate SMS Marketing Text

In a rapidly changing world, only one’s own home remains the secret that a person will always strive for.

One of the main and most useful communication tools is the mobile phone. Therefore, text message marketing for real estate is a great way to promote. Mobile SMS text marketing is the fastest way to reach the target audience. We figure out how to choose a text marketing platform, write a strong text for info real estate marketing and analyze the result. SMS messages are read more often than email: according to the SHIFT study, in four out of five cases, they are opened immediately. Text message marketing for real estate makes it easier to convey important information: they are more likely to be read. Therefore, many marketers combine SMS and email. This material is a starting guide in which we have collected everything you need to launch an effective SMS mailing.

Features of Text Marketing for Real Estate

Perfect Real Estate SMS Marketing Text
  • Fast shipping. Information will come in any case if the recipient is in the network zone.
  • Limited size – 160 characters. You can only add a link to the text, pictures, and other creatives cannot be attached. Only a page preview is available.
  • A wide audience reaches. You can set up targeted campaigns to send information only to people who are interested in it.
  • Just to implement. There are no images or other creatives in such messages. It is enough to write a capacious and concise advertising offer and add a text URL. 
  • Almost no competition. Advertising in SMS is usually not sent as often as by mail. When a person’s email is full of promotions and sales, he does not receive so many notifications in SMS. And, therefore, pays more attention to them. 

Types and Examples of SMS for Real Estate Marketing: When and What to Use

  1. Tell the client about a promotion, personal offer, or a new product. These are advertisements. Their goal is to remind the buyer about himself and encourage him to buy the product. 59% of recipients say promotional SMS encourages them to visit an online or offline store to learn more about promotion.
  2. Get feedback. You can ask the client to rate the quality of service or leave a review about the purchased product.
  3. Congratulate the client and send a gift. You can wish a happy birthday or any other holiday. As a gift, send a promotional code or discount coupon with a limited expiration date to the customer.
  4. Warn about something important. These are newsletters that don’t sell anything. A new store has opened, an order has arrived at the pick-up point, a raffle is taking place – you can write about it in an SMS.
  5. Return or engage a user. These are advanced SMS mechanics. They remind the client of recent events. For example, when a product from the wish list appeared in stock, the product in the basket became cheaper. The purpose of the mailing is to convince the customer to complete the checkout.

Checklist: “How to Write a Marketing SMS that the Client will Open and Read to the End”

  1. Specify the sender’s name. Emails sent from an unknown number are doubtful. Because the user does not understand who is writing to him. While sending messages, include the name of your store/company. In mailing lists, this is called the alpha name.
  2. Get straight to the point. In the first two lines of the mailing, tell about the main benefit of the offer the client will receive. And then let’s get into the details.
  3. Add an address, phone number, or link. Otherwise, the client will not understand what to do next and will pass by. Leave a phone number, store address, or website address in the mailing list so the user can contact you.
  4. Personalize the message. If you know the name of the client, use it to personalize the SMS distribution. The buyer will be delighted when they are addressed by name.
  5. Consider your target audience. Especially for promotional mailings. To do this, you can segment the database and send different mailings for different segments.
  6. Consider the client’s time zone. A message at two in the morning or four in the morning is more likely to annoy the client than to read it. Therefore, send an SMS at a convenient time for the recipient.
  7. Use emojis wisely. A lot of emojis give the impression of a heap, and reading such text is difficult. Consider the target audience while sending such messages: the older it is, the less it perceives graphic characters.
  8. Limit the duration of the offer. Fear of missing out on a profitable opportunity will push the client to take advantage of your offer.

Disadvantages of SMS Marketing for Real Estate

  • The text must be short. No one will read a long message to the end. You need to fit the main information in a couple of sentences.
  • SMS mailing is more expensive.
  • A person can quite easily send a message to spam and blacklist and block a contact.

How to Send Bulk of SMS

  1. Work directly with operators

Operators offer to download the database of numbers and send messages to it on your behalf: for example, you can specify the name of the store. It is impossible to create automatic message chains and segment the subscriber base by interests, a number of purchases, and other parameters.

  1. Work through mailing services

In mailing services, you also upload your database of numbers and send messages on your behalf. There are more opportunities: you can segment the audience and set up automatic chains for sending service or relevant messages.

SMS mailing is still an effective tool for Internet marketing. But for this tool to really work, you need to be able to correctly compose messages that will be of great benefit. To do this, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this tool, and understand how to properly configure and debug it so that it is useful to both the company and the client.

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