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Plex on Nvidia Shield: How to Install, Set Up & Use

Get Plex on Nvidia Shield TV to access movies, TV shows, and your personal media under one-roof.

Plex guarantees unlimited entertainment on a wide variety of devices. It is a client-server media player. Having Plex on Nvidia Shield TV, you can stream your favourite movies, music, TV shows, etc., with an internet connection. Despite streaming, Plex lets you organize your media contents. By installing Plex on devices like phone, PC, or tablet, you can access all your media contents from anywhere. Shield TV comes with Plex media server integrated with Plex media player. So, you can just open it, log into your account and start accessing its features. With Plex on Nvidia Shield, you can stream videos in 4K ultra HD resolution or 1080p. Take a closer look at steps to get Plex on your Shield TV from here.

Setup Plex on Nvidia Shield

Plex comes pre-installed on Nvidia Shield TV 16GB and Nvidia Shield Pro 500 GB. Those first-time users of Plex need to carry out the steps given below to setup Plex on Shield TV.


  • Sign up for a Plex account before setting up Plex media server.

(1). On your Nvidia Shield TV, launch Plex app at first.

(2). Click the checkbox to enable the Plex media server and click on Next.

Enable Plex Media Player
Enable Plex Media Player

(3). To create default libraries for Plex media server, click the checkbox and select the Next button.

Allow Plex to Create Default Libraries
Allow Plex to Create Default Libraries

(4). Read the Storage permission and click on Next button.

Grant Permission to store information
Grant Permission to store information

(5). Click on Allow button and grant permission to Nvidia Shield to access your media.

Allow Plex to Access Media on Shield TV
Allow Plex to Access Media on Shield TV

(6). Choose Next button on the Ready to set up your server page.

Configure Plex Server
Configure Plex Server

(7). Wait for the server to start. Once it is connected, click on FINISH.

Plex on Nvidia Shield
Plex on Nvidia Shield

Add Media to Nvidia Shield

(1). Go to Settings > Storage reset toggle on Over local network.

Note: You may also choose options like Access Shield folders on PC or Network Storage.

(2). Make a note of the username and password shown on the Nvidia Shield.

(3). Now open a browser on PC and visit

(4). Enter Plex username and password. This will connect your Nvidia Shield to PC.

Note: You will find the media available on Plex. Else, follow the steps given below.

(5). On the home screen of Plex, hover to LIBRARIES tab on the left pane to click on the ‘+’ icon to add new libraries.

Add New library
Add New library

(6). Select the library type from the options shown. For instance, select Movies/TV Shows/Music/Photos, etc. Press Next button.

Choose Library Type
Choose Library Type

(7). Then, click Browse for Media Folder button and select ADD LIBRARY.

Select Media Folder
Select Media Folder

(8). Choose the location from which you are adding media to Plex.

Choose Media Location: Plex on Nvidia Shield
Choose Media Location

(9). Just drag and drop the folders into the Nvidia Shield file system.

Enable & Disable Plex Media Server on Nvidia Shield

Plex Media Server can be enabled and disabled at any time on Nvidia Shield. To do so, you should follow the steps as mentioned.

(1). Launch the Plex app on your Shield TV.

(2). Go to Settings and choose Plex Media Server.

(3). You will find the server version and if it is running or disabled.

Plex on Nvidia Shield Server Status
Nvidia Shield Server Status

(4). Select an item to either toggle on or off.

Installing and accessing Plex on Nvidia Shield is that simple. Make sure you maintain sufficient internal storage space on your Shield TV to stream media without any limits.

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