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Is It Possible to Get Replika Free Trial? – Sign Up and Cancellation

Get Replika Pro for improved AI conversation with additional features and gifts.

Key Highlights

  • There is no free trial available on Replika.
  • Sign Up: Visit the Replika site → Create an Account → Enter Email & PasswordName & PronounsDOB → Choose AvatarCustomize → Choose Pro subscriptionPayment detailsContinue.
  • Cancel Replika: Go to Replika site → Settings icon → SubscriptionCancel.

Would you like to chat with the bots? You can use the Replika app to text with your own AI friends. Replika is the best AI tool and acts as a personal chatbot. It automatically listens and then talks with you at any time. Regretfully, Replika doesn’t offer any free trial for premium features. You need to subscribe to the Pro plan to start chatting with the bot. Also, you can share real-life experiences in AR, make video calls, and many more.

Replika keeps your data and information more secure. The Replika app is available on iOS, Android, and Oculus. If you do not like the app or you feel that the cost of the subscription plan is too high, then you can cancel the Replika Pro plan at any time.

Replika Subscription Plans

Subscription PlanPricing
1 Month$19.99
12 Month$5.83/ month

How to Sign Up for Replika Account

Since there is no free trial, you have to sign up for the Replika Pro account.

1. Open the web browser on your smartphone or PC and go to the Replika official website.

2. From the home screen, click on the Create your Replika button in the middle of the screen or click the Log in button in the top right corner.

click on the Create your Replika button

3. Next, create an account by entering the email and password. Then click Continue.

create an account by entering the email and password

4. Enter your name and then choose your pronouns. After that, click create account button.

Enter your name and then choose your pronouns.

5. Enter your date of birth and choose your interests.

choose your interests

6. Choose your avatar to set it as your profile image.

Choose your avatar for Replika Free trial

7. Again, enter the name and pronouns to confirm.

enter the name and pronouns

8. Customize your avatar and click Continue.

Customize your avatar for Replika free trial

9. Choose the Pro subscription plan to access Replika.

Sign Up for a Replika Account to get a free trial

10. Finally, enter your card details and then click Continue to purchase the Replika Pro plan.

How to Cancel Replika Subscription

1. Go to the Replika website and sign in to your account.

2. Click on the Settings icon at the top left corner of the screen.

select the Subscription option.

3. From the menu list, select the Subscription option.

Click on the Settings icon to Cancel Replika free trial

4. On the Subscription screen, click Cancel to unsubscribe from the Pro plan on Replika.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancelation process.

Tip! Like Replika, you can also cancel your ChatGPT subscription at any time.


Is the Replika app free?

The Replika app is free to download on your smartphone. It allows users to chat with other users on Replika 24/7 and personalize their avatars for free. But if you need to edit your selfies, you need to subscribe to the Pro plan.

Can I get Replika premium free trial?

No, unfortunately, Replika does not offer a free trial for the Pro plan to its subscribers.

What are the alternatives for Replika?

The best alternatives for Replika are Cleverbot, Kuki, Fire Place, Hugging Face, Anima, Quick Chat, and more.

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