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How to Watch Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

NBC Peacock TV can be streamed on Samsung Smart TV by using the casting feature or streaming devices.

We are all aware that NBC’s new streaming service Peacock TV is available on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, LG Smart TV, Vizio TV, Xbox One, PS4, and Android TVs. What to do if you own a Samsung Smart TV? At the launch of the Peacock TV, the app can’t be installed on Samsung Smart TVs. Later on, the Peacock TV app is launched for selected models of Samsung TV.

Peacock TV Logo

Peacock TV offers you tons of entertainment content for free. You can purchase Peacock Premium ($4.99/month) or Peacock Premium Plus ($9.99/month) to unlock more content. The premium plus package also lets you watch media without any ads.

How to Install Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

1. Press the Smart Hub button on your Samsung TV remote.

Smart Hub button

2. On the home screen, go to the Apps tile.

3. Click the Search icon on the top.

Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

4. The search bar will appear. Type Peacock TV and search for it.

5. Click the Download button to install the Peacock TV app on your Samsung TV.

6. Open the Peacock TV app and sign in with your account.

7. Watch all the on-demand video content on your Samsung TV.

Peacock TV Not Working on Samsung TV

If you have any issues while watching Peacock TV on Samsung TV or you can’t find the Peacock TV on Smart Hub, do the below solutions.

  • First, make sure that your Samsung TV is supported to install the Peacock TV app. You can check the full list of Peacock TV supported devices here.
  • Cold boot your Samsung Smart TV: Turn off your Samsung TV and keep it idle for more than 5 mins. Then, turn it on again and use the Peacock TV app.
  • Update your Samsung Smart TV to its latest firmware to remove minor bugs.
  • Uninstall the Peacock TV and install it again.
  • Reset Smart Hub and try again.

How to Watch Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

1. Visit the official site of Peacock TV and sign up for a free user account. If you want, you can also purchase a premium membership for your account.

2. Now, download the Peacock TV app on your smartphone.

3. Launch the app and sign with your Peacock TV login credentials.

Note – Ensure that your Android/iPhone and Samsung Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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4. Select a media that you want to stream and look for the Cast icon (iPhone – Airplay).

5. Tap the icon and select your Samsung Smart TV name.

6. After a few seconds, the media will play on the TV.

Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

Alternative Way

The alternate way to watch Peacock TV on your Samsung Smart TV is by purchasing the streaming devices like Nvidia Shield, Roku, or Apple TV. These streaming devices have access to download the Peacock TV app right from their respective app store.


1. Is Peacock TV available on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, Peacock TV is available for selected Samsung TV models.

2. Can you Airplay Peacock TV to Samsung TV?

Yes, you can. Peacock TV has built-in AirPlay support.

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