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How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV in 2022

Improve the performance of the Samsung Smart TV by cleaning the cache periodically.

Cleaning the cache and cookies on Samsung TV is important. It is a temporary memory that all the devices have to improve the performance and loading time. It is equally important, like how we update the Samsung TV frequently. By doing so, the device performance will be retained and also ensure safety by removing malicious contents. Moreover, most of us would know that Samsung Smart TV also has the option to clear the cache. So you can clear it easily by navigating to the TV settings.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV [For Individual App]

The process of cleaning the data might look simple. But the complication is that we might have to do it with each app installed on Samsung TV.

Home button on Samsung TV remote

1. Turn on the Samsung Smart TV, and press the Home button available on the remote.

Settings option in Samsung TV

2. Scroll down to the Settings option from the list.

Apps tab

3. Now, click on the App option available in the menu.

4. Navigate to the System Apps option and choose the app you wish to clear the cache memory.

5. Finally, click on the Clear Cache option and proceed by clicking on the OK option.

6. By doing this, the cache data would be cleared, and the application’s performance would be enhanced.

Alternative Way

1. Turn on the TV and click the Home button on the remote control.

2. Select all the available applications installed on Samsung Smart TV.

3. Click on the Settings icon available in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Now, you can see all the applications installed on the TV.

5. Finally, select the application you wish and click on the Reinstall option.

Clear Cookies and Browsing Data on Samsung Smart TV

1. Turn on the TV and click on the Home button available on the remote.

2. Navigate to the Settings option available at the top right corner of the home screen.

Broadcasting option on Samsung Smart TV

3. Scroll down and click on the Broadcasting option from the list.

Expert settings option

4. A new screen would pop up. From that, click on the Expert Settings option.

HbbTV settings option

5. In the HbbTV settings, you will have the option as Delete Browsing Data option.

delete browsing History

6. Click on the Yes option to confirm and proceed with the deletion process.

7. By doing this, you should be able to successfully delete the cache, cookies, and browsing data from the Samsung Smart TV.

The above process would be helpful in successfully deleting the cookies and cache of the device. Doing this would improve the performance of both the device and the application. Also, the loading time of the application would be faster. On the other hand, ensure that apps on Samsung TV are up-to-date for error-free streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clear Disney plus or Netflix cache on Samsung Smart TV?

Click on the Apps tab in the Settings option and locate Disney Plus or Netflix from the list. Now, navigate to the Storage tab, and select Clear Cache on the screen.

How to clear the cache on 6 series, QLED, or older Samsung TV?

On most Samsung Smart TVs, clearing the cache remains the same.

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