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Tips And Tricks To Play Rust Game In 2021

Rust is developed by Facepunch Studios and is a multiplayer survival video game. The first release was early access in 2013, followed by a full launch in 2018. Rust can be played on Windows and macOS. The Xbox One and PS4 versions were released this year in May (2021).

Being a survival game, you and your team need to survive in the wilderness by gathering stolen materials to eat, drink, and stay healthy. The aim is to not die during the game. You’ll have to be safe from wild beasts and vehicles that attack players at random times. 

Rust is a multiplayer game only. You’ll have to play with others on the server and fight with them to win. Different kinds of weapons are used in the game to fight and stay alive. It seems like a tough game, isn’t it? Rust is not easy to play. Even pro players look for cheat sheets, tips, and tricks to improve their gaming skills. New players will find it easy to get into the rhythm by learning the basic tricks to stay alive in the game. 

Tips and Tricks to Play Rust Game in 2021

Start with the Right Server 

It might be tempting to join a large group, but it also increases your chances of getting killed. A server with a smaller team will give you the breathing space to understand the game in real-time. The admins are likely to keep a better eye on the players and prevent cheaters from having an undue advantage. 

You can also start your own Rust server, but it’ll eat into gaming time. An ideal server for a beginner would be the one with less than 50 players. 

Form Your Own Team 

Even though you’ll have to survive on your own, it doesn’t mean you can’t form a team. Get your friends to play with you and support each other. You can work as a group and amplify your benefits. 

At the same time, make sure to maintain distance from other such groups. Players share the location details of rivals to oust them from the game. You can do the same among your group. 

Stay Away from Others During the Initial Stages 

Though you need neighbors when you choose a base and settle down, don’t rush to find a neighbor. You want someone who will play with you rather than someone intending to kill you. That’s why the previous tip comes in handy. Your friends can be your neighbors. 

Snow Base is Safer 

Yes. It is one of the best Rust Hacks suggested by experts. Cold climates are a tough choice and need more reserves. However, such places have fewer players, and that’ll work to your advantage. You’ll live long enough to explore and make the essential tools before you’re attacked. 

Focus on Making Tools 

You cannot survive Rust without tools. So your first priority after choosing the base should be making tools. Since the first stone is provided for free, use it to smash a tree. The tree will give you wood to make tools. A hammer needs 100 wood, a stone pickaxe requires 100 stones and 200 wood, and so on. 

You can buy your first ax almost immediately using the provided 200 stones and 100 wood. Once you have the tools, you can start farming and growing food, gathering items, and building your home. That said, don’t overstock. You shouldn’t spend most of your time gathering resources. 

Go Defensive Before You Get Aggressive 

Players lose faster because they go aggressive without a plan. Rust is about surviving rather than mindless killing. Stay in the defensive mode and kill only when necessary. Otherwise, run to safety. The tip to last longer in Rust is by using your brain to make the right decision. 

Have Multiple Hidden Stashes 

How long do you think before a rival will come and raid your base? It’ll happen quite soon. That’s why you’ve got to hide your collection in several places. That way, even if someone raids the base when you were hunting or gathering, you’ll still have something left to stay alive and start again. 

Choose Respawn Location with Care 

Respawning is when you lay down a sleeping bag to revive your avatar if the player dies in the game. The location will determine the chances of survival for the respawn. A forest is usually a safer option and away from the crowd. Being in the crowd will get your respawn killed before you’ve had a chance to even start again. 

Stay Alert and Notice Everything 

From the change in temperatures to rivals hidden behind trees and bushes to attack you and wild animals ready to charge, you have to track everything. You’ll need to hide and proceed with caution. 


Finally, keep moving. No matter how far you’re into the game, you have to keep moving to be a survivor in the Rust game. 


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