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Why Can’t I Type In Among Us?

Facing issue while chatting with friends on Among US? Change your age and chat without any issue.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t type in Among Us? It is because of the latest airship update and you are not the only one with this issue. It will be a great disadvantage while playing Among Us because it is an online multiplayer game with two teams.

You can be a member of either the imposter or crewmate team, but the game will be chaos without communication. Even though you’re experienced in suspecting, you cannot handle the game as a single person without chatting with the other players in the team. So let us check the solutions to fix the chatting facility in Among Us.

why can't i type in among us

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Solutions to Chat in Among Us

Use the Quick Chat to Type in Among Us

For Players, who do not have registered accounts, there is no chat feature in Among Us after the software update. In order to communicate, they have to use a quick chat. Similarly, if you are a player below the age of 13, you will not get the chat option in the game, even with a registered account.

This is for the sake of not involving kids in the internet-based conversation, which is quite unnecessary for them. Hence, kids below the age of 13 cannot play this game.

why can't i type in among us

In a quick chat, players cannot type, but they have choices to choose from the options displayed in the chat. It is one solution to avoid unwanted conversations in the public chat.

The disadvantages are players cannot communicate quickly as no typing is involved, and this feature takes up a lot of space on your device.

How to Disable Quick Chat

If you are uncomfortable with the quick chat feature, you can disable the function using the steps below.

Quick Tip: Open Settings –> Data –> Chat Type –> Choose Chat Type.

1 – Open Settings and click on Data.

Game Settings screen with Data tab open, the highlighted dropdown consists of Free and Quick Chat option to toggle.

2 – In the Chat Type section, click to toggle Free Chat or a Quick Chat.

3 – You can easily toggle between Free Chat and Quick Chat.

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Change Your Age to Type in Among US Chat

While you open the Among Us game for the first time, you will have to enter your age. Any player below the restriction age cannot type in the Among Us game.

It is always suggested to enter your age as 18 or above to enjoy the chat option while playing.

Change Age in PC

1 – Navigate to C:\Users\[username\AppData\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us\

File Explorer open with playerPrefs file highlighted.

2 – Right-click on the PlayerPrefs file and select Open With.

3 – Open the file in Notepad.

4 – Search and locate the string of numbers representing your birthday, which was given in the game.

5 – Now, Change the Year of Birth in the file, such that your age is 18 or Above.

6 – Finally, Save the file. It will enable you to type in the Among Us game.

Change Age in iOS

iOS users have no other choice but to uninstall and reinstall the game and enter age above 18 while reinstalling. Only this solution can help them to type in the Among Us game.

1 – Tap and hold the Among Us app icon.

2 – Choose the Remove App option.

3 – Click the Delete and confirm it again by clicking Delete.

4 – Then, download and Install the Among Us game from the App store.

Among Us welcome screen on iOS, asking for date of birth, consists of dropdown for Month, Day and Year.

5 – While registering this time, enter the age as 18 or above to type on the chat in Among Us game.

Change Age in Android

1 – Go to Settings and then Apps & Notifications.

2 – Navigate to Among Us and then click on it.

3 – Select the Storage option and then select Clear Data.

4 – Now launch Among us and then enter the New Date of Birth. Make sure your age will be more than 18 when you enter the new date of birth.

Many of the game features have been changed, which can take time for the player to get used to. But the game remained the same, and the players’ interest didn’t change at all. If you sign in and register your age as above 18, you will be able to enjoy the game like how you used to do it previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Among Us as a guest and use the chat function?

No. As a result of the recent update, there are many changes in Among Us. Signing In was one among them. You have to sign In to use the free chat. If you didn’t notice the sign-in choice and used Among Us as usual, you will be entered as a guest. A quick chat is only available for guest players of Among Us, and they cannot type in the free chat.

How to fix Among Us chat?

If your chat feature is disabled recently after an update to your Among Us game, you may have used a random date of birth at the time of installation.
>>To enable the chat again, you must set the age above the restricted age.
>>To do so, visit the above section to change it on PC, Android, and iOS.
>>On iOS, you may need to remove the app completely and install it again to set the age from scratch.
>>On an Android device, you need to Clear Cache and Storage to reset the configurations files.

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