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How to Enable Fusion 360 Dark Mode

Use the trick to get the Dark Mode with Fusion 360.

Have you ever been an acquaintance of CAD, CAM, CAE, or PCB? Then, you might have heard about this cloud-based software called Fusion 360. It is software to perform 2-D and 3-D modeling. You can animate designs, simulate loads, render objects, etc. Working with Fusion 360 is fun until you look for a dark UI. Dark Mode has become more common in this time. Every app, software, and the device has come up with the dark mode. So here we are discussing how to get Dark Mode on Fusion 360.

Why do you Need a Dark Mode?

  • If you got your eye strained, working late at night, or designing a product in the dark.
  • It even helps you to save your battery life.
  • Dark Mode helps to reduce eye irritability.

Fusion 360 with Dark Mode is a widely discussed topic. Unfortunately, Fusion 360 hasn’t come with the Dark Mode yet. But that doesn’t imply that you cannot use the Dark Mode.

Fusion 360 Dark Mode

(1) Launch the Fusion 360 software on your Windows or Mac PC.

(2) Upon launching the app, click on the Scene Settings menu option.

Change Environment with Fusion 360 to get Dark Mode

(3) Click on the Environment Library tab.

(4) Select any of Dark Sky or Grey Room.

(5) It will change the background color of the UI.

How to Add Custom Render Environment

You can even add your custom render environment and customize the background.

(1) Open the Fusion 360 software on your computer.

(2) Then click on the Scene Settings menu.

Add Custom Render Environment with Fusion 360

(3) Choose the Environment library tab.

(4) Select Attach Custom Environment.

(5) Make sure to select HDR or EXR formatted files which are dark theme-based.

(6) Now, go to the Settings tab under Scene Settings.

(7) From the Background dropdown, make sure to select Environment.

(8) Now, the UI will be changed to the selected file.

How to Use a Custom Background Colour in Fusion 360 Online Viewer

Sometimes you can use a dark background color to get the dark theme-based look.

(1) Open your design on Fusion 360.

(2) Then click on the Render Workspace.

(3) Choose Scene Settings and select the Settings tab.

(4) In the Background dropdown, choose Solid Color.

(5) Select the desired color.

Use a Custom Background Colour in Fusion 360

(6) Finally, save the design and open it in the online viewer.

(7) Now, go to Settings and change the environment to Custom.

Use a Custom Background Colour in Fusion 360

That is it. Now, you can view your design in the selected color background.

Fusion 360 Eagle Dark Mode

(1) Open the Fusion 360 software.

(2) Click on the Options.

(3) Choose the Eagle Control Panel.

(4) Select the User Interface option.

Fusion 360 Eagle Dark Mode

(5) Under Layout, choose Black near Background.

(6) Even under Schematic, choose Black near Background.

These are the few ways to get the near-dark mode experience. But, if you want the dark mode, you should wait until the Fusion 360 launch the one on its own. You can also try enabling Dark Theme on Windows and Dark Theme on Mac to get Fusion 360 in dark mode. But we can’t assure you that it will work properly as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there no Dark Mode on Fusion 360?

AutoDesk is still in the research phase for the dark mode. However, they might launch the dark mode soon as there are many requests in the forum.

2. Is there a dark theme for Autodesk?

Yes, Autodesk software recently updated the dark mode option.

3. How to change the Toolbars into the dark?

As of now, there is no such option for turning toolbars dark. All you can do is change the background of the UI.

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