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How to Install and Use Zoom Meetings on Roku

Watch your Live Zoom Meetings Video call on TV with the help of Roku.

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows the user to conduct face-to-face meetings with co-workers and employees virtually. It provides various features like scheduling meetings, recording the sessions, sharing the session screen with others, and more. If you have a Roku, you can cast the Zoom meetings to watch the video conferences on the bigger screens of TV.

Read more about the features of Zoom Cloud Meetings.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Is Zoom Cloud Meetings app available for Roku?

No, the Zoom Meetings app is not available on Roku Channel Store. The only way to watch Zoom Meetings is by using the casting feature on Android or Windows devices. For that, you need to enable Screen Mirroring on the Roku streaming device.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

(1) Connect your Roku to TV and click the Settings on the home screen.

(2) Select the Screen mirroring (beta) menu under the System settings.

Note: Screen mirroring was in beta mode at the initial stages. Now, it is available for all Roku users.

(3) Tap Enable screen mirroring.

Enable Screen Mirroring

After enabling the screen mirroring on Roku, you can use either Android or Windows PC to watch Zoom meetings on Roku connected TV.

Cast Zoom Meetings on Roku TV using Android

To cast your contents from an Android device, your Android device and Roku must be connected to the same WiFi network.

(1) Open Settings on your Android device.

(2) Use the search bar to find the Cast menu. You can also go to the Notification Panel on your Android smartphone and choose the Cast icon.

Depending on the developers, the cast term will vary.

Cast using Android

(3) Select your Roku device.

(4) Accept permission on your Roku TV to mirror the Android device screen.

(5) Now, open the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your Android device and sign in to your user account if you’re logged out. If you don’t have the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, install it from the Play Store.

(6) Select New Meeting and invite the members to the meeting.

(7) Your Zoom meeting will appear on the Roku TV screen.

AirPlay Zoom Meetings on Roku Using iPhone

The latest models of Roku are equipped with AirPlay support. With that, you can screen mirror your iPhone to Roku easily. You can check the full list of AirPlay-supported Roku models here. For older models, you have to use the Replica app to screen mirror the iPhone.

(1) Go to the Settings menu on your Roku.

Roku settings

(2) Choose the AirPlay and HomeKit menu.

AirPlay on Roku

(3) Now, select the AirPlay and HomeKit Settings option.

AirPlay settings

(4) Turn on the AirPlay feature and set Require Code as First Time Only.

Zoom on Roku using iPhone

(5) Then, connect your iPhone to the same WiFi network as your Roku device.

(6) Install the Zoom Cloud Meetings from the App Store.

(7) Open the Zoom app and log in with your account.

(8) Go to the Control Centre and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

Screen Mirroring icon

(9) From the list of devices, choose your Roku.

Screen mirror Zoom on Roku from iPhone

(10) Now, a code will appear on your Roku device. Enter the code in your iPhone to make the paring.

(11) Then, make a video or audio call on your iPhone from the Zoom app. It will appear on your Roku device.

Cast Zoom Meetings on Roku using Windows

Your Windows PC or laptop and Roku must be on the same WiFi network for casting. The following method isn’t applicable for Windows 7 users.

(1) For Windows 10 and lower, press Windows + P keys simultaneously on your PC or laptop. For Windows 11, go to Display Settings and click the Detect button. Select your Roku device.

Zoom on Roku

(2) Select Connect to a wireless display.

Cast Zoom Meetings on Roku using Windows

(3) The device will search for nearby wireless devices available on the same network.

(4) Accept permission on your Roku and the Windows screen will mirror on the TV.

(5) Now, open the Zoom app on your Windows device. You can also use the web version.

(6) Sign in to your user account and click New Meeting.

(7) Invite the co-workers or employees to the meeting and cast the meetings on the Roku screen.

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1. is Zoom available on Roku?

No, the Zoom app is not available on the Roku Channel Store.

2. How to Use Zoom Meetings on Roku?

You can screen mirror the Zoom app from your Android or iPhone to Roku.

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