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How to Clear WhatsApp Cache on Mobile & Desktop

Wipe the Cache on WhatsApp to free up space.

Key Highlights

  • Android: SettingsAppsSee all appsWhatsAppStorage & cacheClear Cache.
  • iPhone: SettingsGeneral iPhone Storage Delete App.
  • Mac: Launch FinderGoGo to Finder → Enter the cache library address → Select WhatApp folderMove to BinDelete.
  • Windows: Use third-party apps to clear the WhatsApp cache.

Deleting the WhatsApp cache will remove the temporary files stored on your device and make it run smoothly. So, you can access WhatsApp without freezing and crashing issues. The procedure to clear the WhatsApp cache will differ for smartphones, PCs, and web versions. This article defines how to clear the WhatsApp cache on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

How to Clear WhatsApp Cache on Smartphone

This section explains how to clear the WhatsApp cache on Android, iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


  • Go to Settings and select Apps.
  • Click See all apps to view the installed apps. Search for WhatsApp and click it.
  • Select Storage & cache and click Clear cache.

The WhatsApp app cache will be cleared on your Android smartphone. You can use the same steps to delete the WhatsApp cache on Samsung Galaxy phones.


Unfortunately, iPhone users can’t clear the app cache like the Android app. The only possible way to clean the cache is to uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp application.

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings.
  • Tap General and select iPhone Storage.
  • Find and click WhatsApp from the apps list.
  • You can clear the app’s cache by choosing any of these options.
    • Offload App: It will delete WhatsApp, but the documents and data will be saved locally. You can reinstall the WhatsApp app to retrieve your data.
    • Delete App: It will remove WhatsApp from your device. You can reinstall WhatsApp again from the App Store. You can restore your data only through the backup.
Hit the Delete App option on iPhone Settings

How to Clear WhatsApp Cache on PC

If you use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop, follow these steps to delete the app cache.


  • Turn on your Mac and launch Finder.
  • Click Go and select Go to Folder.
  • Enter the address as ~/Library/Caches and choose Go.
Enter the library URL on Go to Folder to delete cache for WhatsApp on Mac
  • Search for the folder named WhatsApp.
  • Highlight the WhatsApp folder by clicking it.
  • Right-click on it and choose Move to Bin.
  • Further, head to the Bin and delete the cache folders immediately.


There is no direct way to clear the cache on the WhatsApp desktop app on Windows 10 and 11. So, you need to use third-party apps to clear the cache on your Windows. One of the best third-party cache-clearing apps is CCleaner from Piriform.

  • Open the default browser on your Windows or PC and visit (
  • Download the CCleaner app on your device.
  • Once installed, run the CCleaner and click Analyze.
  • A list of files to clear the cache will appear on the screen.
  • Select WhatsApp and click Run Cleaner at the bottom.
  • Click Continue on the pop-up dialog box to clear the cache.
Hit the Continue button to Clear WhatsApp Cache

Alternate Third-Party Apps to Clear WhatsApp Cache on PC

WindowsDownload LinkMacDownload Link
Cleaner One ProMicrosoft StoreDaisy DiskApp Store
CCleanerMicrosoft StoreMacCleaner ProVisit Website
Clean MasterVisit WebsiteParallels ToolboxVisit Website
Wise Disk CleanerMicrosoft StoreMacBoosterVisit Website
Cleaner OneMicrosoft StoreCleanMyMac XApp Store
Wise Care 365Microsoft StoreDisk DoctorApp Store

Can You Clear Cache on WhatsApp Web Version

No. There is no direct setting to remove the cache for WhatsApp Web. But you can clear the browsing data on your browser to delete the cached images and files, which includes WhatsApp Web data.

  • On your Chrome browser, click Customize and Control Google Chrome (three dots).
  • Click Settings from the options.
  • Head to Privacy and Security.
  • Select Clear Browsing Data.
  • Choose Cached images and files (Either in Basic or Advanced) and set the Time range.
  • Select Clear Data.
Clear cache data on Chrome browser for WhatsApp Web


1. Is it safe to clear WhatsApp cache?

Clearing the WhatsApp cache is safe to free up storage space.

2. Does clearing WhatsApp cache delete messages and pictures?

No. It deletes only the WhatsApp cache. Your messages, photos, videos, and GIFs will not be cleared while deleting the cache.

3. Is WhatsApp available on the Mac App Store?

Yes, the WhatsApp application is available on the Mac App Store.

4. Is there any option to clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone 11 and 12?

No. You can clear the WhatsApp cache on iPhone 11/12 by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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