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Is it Possible to Get a Free Trial on BallerTV?

There is no free trial availalbe in the BallerTV. Subscribe to its base plan and stream all the youth sports.

Key Highlights

  • Sadly, BallerTV is not offering any free trial. You have to buy a subscription to access the platform.
  • With an active account, you can watch BallerTV’s past events for free for one minute.
  • Website: BallerTV website Get AccessSign upChoose membership planEnter credit card detailsSubscribe NowStream.

When I was looking for a platform to stream youth sports events in the USA, I came to know about the BallerTV platform. When I dug deep into BallerTV, I found out that the BallerTV platform is not offering any free trial to its new users. One has to buy a subscription to access the platform.

If you want to test the BallerTV content and its offerings, you have to buy a subscription. There is no way to access the platform for free. However, by signing up for a new free account, you can watch all the past events for free for one minute. If you want to know how to access the one-minute clip for free, this guide will help you.

How to Watch BallerTV One-Minute Clips For Free

[1] Go to the BallerTV website and sign up for a new account.

Sign up for BallerTV

[2] Now, go to the BallerTV Events page by clicking the Browse Events button.

Click Browser Events button

[3] Go to the Past menu to get the list of completed events.

Go to Past BallerTV events

[4] Choose any event and watch them for free for one minute.

Watch BallerTV for free for one minute

[5] After the one-minute time period, you will be asked to buy the subscription.

Subscribe to watch the whole match

BallerTV Subscriptions Plans

BallerTV is offering three different membership plans with quarterly or annual pricing.

Bronze$14.95 per month (Billed $44.85 for every 3 months)$7.95 per month (Billed $95.40 for every 12 months)1 per monthOne
Silver$24.95 per month (Billed $74.85 for every 3 months)$12.95 per month (Billed $155.40 for every 12 months)3 per monthThree
Gold$39.95 per month (Billder $119.85 every 3 months)$19.95 per month (Billed $239.40 for every 12 months)UnlimitedFive

How to Get a BallerTV Subscription [Base Plan]

[1] Open any of the reliable browsers on your Windows or Mac PC and visit the BallerTV website (

[2] From there, click Get Access at the top-right.

Click Get Access to subscribe BallerTV instead a free trial

[3] Then, choose your role and sign up with user credentials.

Sign up for BallerTV free trial

[4] Once signed in, choose the Bronze Quarterly Plan.

BallerTV Bronze Plan

[5] After that, enter your credit card details.

[6] If you have a Promo Code, you can purchase the BallerTV membership at a discounted price.

[7] Once you have entered the payment details, click Subscribe Now.

Click Subscribe Now to watch BallerTV contents

[8] Now, you can watch all the Youth sports matches.

How to Cancel BallerTV Subscription

If you get bored of using BallerTV, you can cancel the membership plan on the website whenever you want.

[1] Navigate the Settings menu and choose Manage Subscription.

[2] Select Cancel Subscription.

[3] From the pop-up, select the No thanks, I want to cancel option and click Continue.

Select Contiue

[4] Now, choose your reason for cancellation and click Confirm Cancellation.

Click Confirm Cancellation

[5] After that, you’ll see a confirmation window indicating your BallerTV subscription is terminated.

If you want to get a sports streaming platform with a free trial, you can switch to Bally Sports and get a seven-day free trial.


1. Is there are promo codes to get BallerTV for free?

No, BallerTV is not accepting any promo codes or coupons on their platform.

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