10 Best Audio Editors For Linux in 2021 (Free & Paid)

Edit the music files effectively on your Linux system.

Music is the best painkiller in the world. But at the same time, it is not that easy to create music. It takes a lot of patience to finetune it. Either for professional graders or newbies, you need audio editors to polish your music. If you are a Linux user and you are in the search of the best audio editor software for Linux OS, you are in the correct place. In this article, we have listed for you the best audio editors for Linux.

List of Best Audio Editors For Linux

  • Audacity
  • LMMS
  • Mixxx
  • Virtual DJ
  • Qtractor
  • Ardour
  • guitarix
  • Ocenaudio
  • Hydrogen Drum Machine
  • Rosegarden


Audacity is inarguably the best audio editor for Linux OS. It is one of the most popular audio editors among the Linux users.


Audacity is an open-source cross-platform audio software. With Audacity, you can record live audio, computer playback, edit any music formats like WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MP3, AIFF, and more. The supported sound qualities are 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit. In addition to that, you can add extra plug-ins like LV2, LADSPA, VST, and more. Audacity provides a wide range of keyboard shortcuts so that you won’t need to use your mouse.

Audacity is available for free and it is available for Windows and Mac too.


LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) is one of the powerful digital audio workstations.

LMMS audio editors for Linux

The LMMS has all the basic audio editing features with some advanced editing tools. It has the most user-friendly interface. With LMMS, you can mix sounds, create sounds using VST, built-in compressor and audio presets. It is developed by music professionals, so you will get the real feel of music editing in this software. For music professionals, it has the spectrum analyzer for advanced audio editing.

LMMS is available for free and it consumes only 89.3 MB of your storage.


Mixxx, the name itself tells that the software is dedicated for audio editors alone.


If you want to have some DJ, Mixxx is the best option. It has all the tools that every DJ needs. With the Mixxx, you can perform live mixes in your own creative way. It will let you know the BPM (Beats per minute) and musical key so that you will mix the next track perfectly. Mixx allows you to add multiple audio effects to the tracks. If you want, you can also use the Master Sync to match the BPM automatically. You can also customize the DJ Hardware with the tools you like.

Like Audacity and LMMS, Mixxx is also available for free.

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a feature-rich audio editor for Linux. It is one of the most used audio and video editors in the world.

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a powerful audio editor as it will provide you with the tools and options that a real DJ box will have. Though being powerful, it is easy to use. It is one of the oldest audio editors and it has a download count of 100 million. Virtual DJ is the best audio editor for Linux when it comes to library management. You can easily search for tracks, create playlists and smart folders with ease. It has AI suggestions too. In the app, you can find a lot of built-in audio and video effects to enhance your music.

It is available for Windows and Mac only. But you can install Wine on your Linux to run this editor. It costs $19 per month.


Qtractor is one of the fewest audio editors that is developed only for Linux OS. Until now, it is available for Linux only.

Qtractor audio editors for Linux

The audio editor is written in C++ with the Qt framework, hence the name Qtractor. Since it is targeted for Linux only, the navigation and UI are pretty simple to native Linux users. You can add an infinite number of music tracks to a project without any hanging issues. The supported file formats are OGG, MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC. If you want more, you can add them via libsndfile. It has a built-in sound mixer, MIDI clip editor, loop recorder, and many more options.

Qtractor is available for free.


Ardour is one of the best audio editors for Linux. It gives you a pleasant audio editing experience.

Ardour audio editors for Linux

With Ardour, you can get non-linear editing, mix different audio formats together, record from various sources, add unlimited multichannel tracks, and so on. Ardour is suitable for both personal and professional use. Other than the built-in plug-ins you can add plug-ins from any makers. The supported plug-in formats are OS X, VST, and LV2. The audio editor will display the frame-by-frame timeline of an audio file.

Ardour audio editor is available for free.


guitarix is a virtual guitar amplifier for your Linux OS. If you are a guitarist, it is the best audio editor for you.

guitarix audio editors for Linux

guitarix takes the audio signal from your guitar and processes them within seconds. The obtained signal from the guitar is processed by a main amp and the rack-section. In the rack-section, you can add more than 25 effects to finetune your music. The maximum time taken for processing is not more than 10 seconds. If you want more plug-ins other than the built-in plug-ins, you can add them from the LADSPA and LV2.

Like Ardour, guitarix is available for free.


ocenaudio audio editors for Linux

ocenaudio is one of the fastest audio recorders and editors for Linux. It will allow you to edit tracks without any complications.

ocenaudio is based on Ocen Framework. It will let you edit as many files as you want. The time-consuming operations like adding effects, exporting tracks, saving files will be done on the background leaving the full screen for you to edit. Advanced features like support for VST, spectrogram, multi-select mode are available on the ocenaudio. It is one of the best audio editors for beginners.

Like most of the audio editors for Linux, it is available for free.

Hydrogen Drum Machine

Hydrogen Drum Machine is a fast and intuitive audio editor for Linux. It has support for a compressed FLAC file.

Hydrogen Drum Machine: Audio Editors For Linux

With the Hydrogen Drum Machine, you can have the privilege to add an unlimited number of patterns and chain those patterns into a new track. You can add up to 192 ticks per pattern, multi-layer support for instruments, sample editor with basic functions, and advanced tab-tempo. Advanced features like JACK, ALSA, OSS audio drivers, export song to MIDI, lilypond, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and OGG file.

Hydrogen Drum Machine is available for free.


Rosegarden is yet another audio editor that is available for Linux. It is a basic audio editor.

Rosegarden Audio Editors For Linux

Rosegarden has features like music notation editing, track mixing, recording, and basic support for digital audio. It is not recommended for professionals as it doesn’t have any advanced features. It is best suited for beginners who experiment with different tools and features. Rosegarden is easy to learn, thanks to the minimal number of tools. If you are eager to learn the basics of audio editing, Rosegarden is the best editor for you.

Rosegarden is available for free.

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Our opinion

These are the best audio editors for Linux OS. Install any one of these audio editors on your Linux and unleash the creative editor in you. If we missed any of your best audio editors for Linux, mention that in the comments section. Follow techowns on Facebook and Twitter to catch our latest articles instantly.

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