7 Best Bible Apps for Android Smartphones & Tablets

Love to take your Bible and read everywhere you go. Install any of these apps.

The days of using abridged pocket Bibles to carry God’s words are gone. The increase in usage of smartphones has led the way for various Bible apps to enter the App Store. With the help of these Bible apps on your Android, you will have whole scripture at your fingertips. Searching for the best Bible apps with advanced functionalities and translation support on Android devices? You can also use the app for write my essay activities at school. Well, here is the list of the top 7 best Bible Study apps to have God’s Word wherever you go!

Top Best Bible Apps for Android

  1. The Bible App
  3. And Bible
  4. Daily Bible
  5. Fast Bible
  6. Live Bible
  7. The Study Bible

The Bible App

Price: Free

The Bible App is the #1 rated and best Bible study app available on Google Play Store for Android users. You can use this app to read, listen, watch and share the Bible every day for free. The app hosts nearly 1,400+ Bible versions in 1000+ languages. You can use the Bible either online or download the selected versions to read in offline mode. It supports customising the bible with highlights, bookmarks, notes, images and more. You can adjust the font size to make the reading comfortable. With the help of Cloud sync support, you can sync and access your Bible on different devices.

YouVersion Bible App for Android

Price: Free the best Android Bible app to hear, watch and read the Bible in your language. You can access the Bible freely in nearly 1300+ languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, Dutch, Hebrew, French, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi, Russian and many more. One of the interesting features of this application is that you can share the inspiring words from God on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Email and more. Other common features include bookmark, adding notes for scripture memorization, highlights and more.

Bible - Audio & Video Bibles for Android

And Bible

Price: Free

And Bible is yet another free and open-source Bible app for Android which you can use to read and listen to the Bible even in offline mode without any advertisement interruptions. The app includes 40 English Bibles, including KJV, NET, NASNB, and more. Along with that, you can also find Commentaries, Maps, Theological Dictionaries, and Christian books in nearly 700+ languages. Like above-mentioned apps, you can add notes, bookmark, compare bible translations and more.

And Bible:  Bible Apps for Android

Daily Bible

Daily Bible is one of the best Bible study apps to get inspiring Bible verses in your preferred language on Android. You can choose from different Bible versions including KJV, ESV, NIV, NLT and more. You can also use this app to read new devotions and to hear devotional podcasts. Enable notifications to get the inspiring God word on every morning. Whenever the reading is not possible, you can play audio for Bible chapters, daily verse and reading plans. For easy access, you can mark your favourite verses, chapters and podcasts in the bookmarks section.

Daily Bible:  Bible study Apps for Android

Fast Bible

Price: Free

The name itself describes that the app provides the faster and easiest way to read and listen to the Bible. You can copy the inspiring words on the app and then copy it on anywhere on the device in a single click. The search bar lets you search for interesting words or phrases within a few seconds. The split-screen supports lets you discover and learn the meaning of words from different perspectives. This feature is highly useful for users who want to read the Bible in different languages.

Fast Bible:  Bible study Apps for Android

Live Bible

Price: Free

Live Bible is yet another free and best Bible app which you can install on your Android smartphones and tablets. The app supports nearly 60+ Bibles along with the support for modern translations. Like other applications, it has the download support to let the users read the Bible in offline mode. You can fix reminders to read the Bible daily at the right time. Live Bible app also comes with an advanced built-in audio player to play the devotional podcasts. The interface of the app can be changed to different languages like Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, and Russian.

Live Bible:  Bible Apps for Android

The Study Bible

Price: Free/in-app purchases also available

The Study Bible is the last app on our list. The app boasts various resources from John MacArthur and Grace to understand God’s Word. You can read and listen to scripture in various versions like ESV, NAS, KJV and more. For better reading experience, you can either hide or show the verse number according to your convenience. Even though the app is free to download, access in-app purchases for 25000+ detailed comments provided by John MacArthur.

The Study Bible:  Bible study Apps for Android

To conclude

These Bible study apps are very helpful in improving your faith. If you use an app different one than one of these, please mention it in the below the comments section. We can all grow together!

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  1. Nice review…
    I would like you to check out the HUM Audio Bible App. The App is designed for India but does have the English Audio Bible along with daily listening plans, Sermons, and Podcasts. It has the full Audio Bible in major Indian languages and has been a great tool for the many oral learners and first-time mobile phone users in India. Hum is presently testing the waters in India and is planning to keep adding more languages. This is an audio-only app with no text. Users can listen to the Bible while driving, doing chores around the house, while working, etc. Do check the app out on the Google playstore – HUM Audio Bible App

    *The IOS version will launch soon

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