Best Proxy Sites for Netflix to Unblock Media Contents

Bypass the Netflix geo-restriction with the best proxy sites.

Netflix is a popular streaming service with media content for people worldwide. However, it has certain movies and shows that are geo-restricted in some countries. We have compiled a list of the best 7 proxy sites to access those Netflix contents. It will help you to bypass the geo-restriction easily without revealing your original IP.

Things We Consider

There are various proxies on the internet available for free and paid versions. We have considered and chosen the best proxies based on certain factors.

1. Ease of access – You can easily access most geo-restricted sites without intervention.

2. Privacy and Security – Provides a secure connection between you and the server; therefore, hackers can’t steal the data.

3. Multiple purposes – You can use the proxies for multiple purposes, such as work, education, research, and more.

4. Multi-access – Users can access proxies as an extension or app on their smartphone and PC.

5. Locations – Offers multiple locations, like the United States, United Kingdom, etc., where you can easily switch them based on your preference.

6. Pricing – The price of the proxies is more affordable, and you can purchase on special occasions like Black Friday, etc.

Top 7 Best Proxy sites for Netflix

These proxy sites are free to use for basic purposes. But, it is advisable to purchase the premium version to access the geo-restricted Netflix account without compromising internet connection speed.

Proxy SitesPricingWebsite
KPROXYBasic – $5/10 days
Premium – $10/mon
VIP – $30/ Six months
ProxySiteMonthly – $9.99
Yearly – $71.88
CroxyProxyPremium – $3.50/mon
IPRoyalResidential – $0.80/GB
Data Center – $1.30/Proxy
Sneaker Proxies – $0.80/Proxy
Static Residential Proxies – $2.50/Proxy
OxylabsShared Datacenter Proxies – $100/mon
Dedicated Datacenter Proxies – $180/mon
Residential Proxies – $300/mon
Next-Gen Residential Proxies – $360/mon
Mobile Proxies – $500/mon
Rotating ISP Proxies – $340/mon
SERP Scarper API – $99/mon
E-Commerce Scrapper API – $99/mon
Web Scrapper API – $99/mon
Hide.ME1 Month – $4.95
12 Months – $4.99/mon
6 Months – $6.65/mon
SmartproxyPay as you go – $12.5/GB
Micro – $80(80GB)/mon
Starter – $225(25GB)/mon
Regular – $400(50GB)/mon


Proxy Sites for Netflix

KPROXY is one of the proxy sites with many active users worldwide. It has a simple UI, and it hides your IP address throughout your proxy sessions. You can use its free or premium service for quality streaming and your office use. The proxy service is also available as a Google Chrome extension. But the only setback is that the KPROXY consists of ads and limited features under its free plan.

No server overload.Collects user logs like browser type and time zone.
Offers premium servers.Not greater than VPN.


ProxySite Proxy Service

The next one on the list is Proxysite. Using Proxysite, you can select your server and use its premium features at a lower price. The proxy service ensures your online security with the help of SSL encryption. Proxysite can control a website’s cookies, javascript, ads, etc., to ensure the best browsing session for an individual.

Easily access geo-restricted websites. Incompatible with certain networks.
Faster access.Fewer features in the free version.


Croxy Proxy

CroxyProxy is a proxy service many people use to bypass geo-restricted services. The service offers quick links feature to users for quick surfing. Like KPROXY, Croxy Proxy also has a Google Chrome extension. The only drawback here is the proxy display more commercials. The Croxy Proxy is also one of the best proxy sites for YouTube.

It doesn’t need configuration.More ads in the free version.
Reliable Proxy.Delay in establishing a connection.


Best Proxy Sites for Netflix

IPRoyal is one of the proxy services that offers ethically sourced IP addresses to its users for a seamless session. With the server-choosing feature, it acts as one of the best proxy sites for Netflix. It supports HTTPS & SOCKS5. It is a great proxy service for web scraping, sneaker copying, social media automation, etc.

Provides unlimited bandwidth.Speed is comparatively slow.
Worth to use.No refund.


Oxylabs Proxy service

Oxylabs is a proxy service with a pool of 102 million IP addresses in over 195 countries. You can use this service to easily bypass geo-restricted content without any hassle. Using the proxy, you can access third-party software with ease.

Oxylabs also has a Google Chrome extension. With various premium plans offered by the Oxylabs proxy service, you can choose the desired one to spend your money wisely.

Provides Scraper APIs.Overpriced.
Offers 24/7 Support to users.It doesn’t offer a refund if purchased through Pay as you go.

Hide me Proxy is one of the popular web proxies that is used for bypassing the geo-restricted content and unblocking websites in your region. Your details on the web proxy will get expire after finishing the browsing session. So you don’t need to worry that your data might be stolen.

By entering the website address and selecting your desired server, you can start your proxy session easily. You can also avail of the Chrome extension for this web proxy service.

Easily access streaming services.Less speed.
Offers IPv6 support.No free trial.


Proxy Sites for Netflix

Smartproxy is said to be one of the best-paid proxy services, which offers flexible plans to its users. It has 195 data centers in major cities and consists of over 40 million IP addresses. With its different proxy plans, you can avail of different features that can be used for business and entertainment. You can gather many company data and easily overcome the Netflix Proxy error & geo-restricted services.

Easily manage social media profiles.No free trial.
24/7 Customer support.It doesn’t offer Pay as you go.

Other Proxy Sites to Consider






Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best VPNs for Netflix?

You can unblock the other country’s library of Netflix using VPN services like
Cyberghost VPN

How do I fix the Netflix “proxy or unblocked” error?

To eliminate this error, you can turn off your VPN service while streaming. Or, you can use the best paid or free proxy services mentioned above to bypass the error.

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