Best Widgets for Windows to Download in 2021

Get the best Widget to improve the efficiency of your Windows PC.

Widgets or Windows Gadgets are useful in modifying the desktop display with necessary information such as time, weather, notes, CPU speed, memory space, internet connectivity, and many more. The widgets have plenty of customization facilities for making them more user-friendly in nature. You can choose the best widgets for your Windows PC by considering the number of tools, ease to download, etc. In the below article, we will discuss the best widgets for Windows along with their features.

Top Ten Widgets for Windows

There are so many Windows Widgets available online. Here are the best ones that you can download on all Windows versions

  1. 8GadgetPack
  2. XWidget
  3. Rainmeter
  4. Gadgetarian
  5. Gadgets Revived
  6. Win10 Widgets
  7. Network Meter
  8. AveDesk
  9. Widget Launcher
  10. DesktopX


8GadgetPack- Best Widgets for Windows

8GadgetPack is one of the best Widgets for Windows because it has various widgets needed for Windows. They are clock, Driver space, Clip border, Desktop feed, App Launcher, Date-Time, Custom Calendar, Digital Clock, Currency Meter, CPU Meter, Agenda, and many more. It offers complete control to the user to select the necessary widget and place them in the desired location. Get the 8GadgetPack from their website and follow the on-screen instruction to install the Widget. It has updated the next version for seamless functioning.



XWidget is a custom-made widget for Windows, and it offers more options for the user to modify the design. It has plenty of models and variations to match the desktop screen. The Widget has weather, Time, Apps tab, Search, Driver Space, IP address, Network Connection, and Recycle bin. It has many graphic and animated themes for the background. The XWidget is available for free download on the official site.


Rainmeter Widget - Best Widget for Windows

Rainmeter is a free widget to install on the Windows PC, and it can be downloaded from the official website. It is lightweight, and thereby it functions well on any PC. The widget has time, date, calendar, weather, battery percentage. It also displays wireless connection, memory storage on the PC, and internet speed. The customization option let the user design their own widget that meets their requirement. It also has Notes, To-do section to assist in the work.


Gadgetarian widget

Gadgetarian is a completely different widget for Windows, and it has many unique widgets. The Widgets in the Gadgetarian are Transparent Clock, Amazon Search, Calendar, Currency Watch, MiniTV Gadget, PowerDo Gadget, 10 Unit Convertor, Desktop Feed, Desktop Calculator, YouTube Viewer, Daily Reading Gadget. It is a simple widget and works well on all PC.

Gadgets Revived

Gadgets Revived - Best Widgets for Windows

Gadgets Revived is a renowned widget for Windows to have layout design and stylish widgets. The Widget can be installed from their website. After installation, the user can choose the required widget from the available categories. It offers Battery, PC Repair, Calculator, Clock, Counters and Timers, Calendars, Games, Weather, Search, System Information, Slideshow, Utility, Radio, Music, Network, newsfeed, more.

Win10 Widgets

Win10 Widgets

Win10 Widgets provides all the basic information on the desktop to know about the PC on a single screen. You can get the Win10 Widgets on their official website. It is a product of Rainmeter, and it displays Battery, Weather, CPU, Disk, Internet connection. The Time and Calendar is placed on the corner of the screen. It also shows the music player or streaming app details. You can also check the network connection in the widget.

Network Meter

Network Meter

Network Meter is an internet connection-based widget, and most of the widgets provide the idea of an internet network for the PC. It has SSID, Internal and External IP address, Internet Speed, IP address log, host connection, Auto-update, and many more. The design of the widget improves the look of the desktop screen. You could install the Network Meter for Windows from their site.


AveDesk - Best Widgets for Windows

AveDesk is an amazing Widget for Windows with 3D Animation effects for the desktop. It offers Weather, Clock, Calendar, Sticky notes, mail, apps in the feed, more. The widgets have a customization option to modify their size and location on Windows. It is easy to use on Windows with a simple interface, and it has a library of controls in different forms to get on the Widgets. Install the AveDesk Widgets from their site.

Widget Launcher

Widget Launcher

Widget Launcher is relaunched with additional widgets and an attractive design. It has an RSS feed, Clock, Weather, Calendar, CPU Monitor, Calculator, Currency Converter, Sticky Notes, Unit Converter, Gallery, Dictionary, Translator, etc. The widget has multiple personalization features to try out the different colors. It is also known as Widgets HD, and the Widget Launcher can be installed on the PC from the Microsoft Store.


DesktopX - Best Widgets for Windows

DesktopX is an adaptive widget that provides complete control to the user to design the desktop of their choice. They can choose the required widgets and also import widgets. The popular widgets are clock, Calendar, Weather forecast, Meters for CPU, RAM, C-Drive, Dual Time option, more. You can purchase the DesktopX widget on the official website.

Thus, we have investigated the various widgets for Windows and displayed the best one in this article. You can choose the best widget for your Windows PC as per your requirement. It also helps in organizing the desktop screen to improve efficiency. The themes in the widgets can make the PC look a new one every day.

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