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How to Watch Disney Plus on Roku Devices

Get access to huge library of Disney contents on your Roku with Disney+ subscription.

Disney Plus is a streaming service with plenty of media content to stream. Even though the service hasn’t supported the Roku device initially, the support was released after a few months. People with Roku TV as well as Roku streaming players supports adding the Disney Plus app. Disney+ on Roku lets you stream content from Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and Disney under one roof.

What’s Included with Disney Plus?

The most impressive features of Disney+ on Roku include,

  • Watch classic movies and past seasons of different series.
  • Get access to exclusive new originals by master storytellers.
  • It is kids friendly and users can create a Kids profile.
  • Stream selected titles in 4K UHD and HDR resolution.
  • It supports unlimited downloads on 10 devices.
  • You can simultaneously stream Disney+ on 4 different devices.
  • Disney Plus has built-in subtitles for all the media content you want to stream.

How Much is Disney Plus on Roku

Disney+ is free to install on Roku and offers a free trial for 7-days. It offers subscription plans for $7.99/month and $79.99/year. Users can also opt for a Disney+ bundle subscription at $12.99/month to stream Disney+ along with ESPN+ and Hulu.

Disney+ Compatible Roku Devices:

The following devices will let you access the Disney+ channel on your Roku. Make sure you have updated Roku OS.

  • Roku TV (all the models)
  • Roku Streaming Stick/Streaming Stick+
  • 4K Roku Ultra/Ultra LT
  • Roku Express/Express+
  • Roku Premiere/Premiere+

Roku Devices not Compatible with Disney Plus:

  • Roku 2 XS model 3100X
  • Roku HD 2500X/3000X/3050X
  • Streaming Stick 3400/3420X

How to Install Disney Plus on Roku

Before installing the Disney Plus app, update the Roku device firmware to the latest version for error-free streaming.

(1). On your Roku remote, press the Home button.

(2). Navigate below to highlight the Streaming Channels option and press OK.

Highlight Streaming Channels

(3). Look for Search Channels and click the OK button on the Roku remote.

(4). Provide the app name as Disney+ and a list of suggestions will appear on the right pane.

Choose Disney+

(5). Highlight the Disney+ app and select it by pressing the OK button.

(6). On the app info screen, select Add Channel.

Select Add Channel: Disney Plus on Roku

(7). Provide the Roku Pin when prompted to install it.

Try the Alternative Method

Roku device users can still access Disney+ with the help of the Roku Mobile app.

Preliminary needs:

  • Keep Roku and smartphone connected to the same WiFi.
  • Link the same account on your Roku device and the Roku mobile app on your smartphone.

(1). On your Android/iOS, open the Roku Mobile app.

(2). Go to the bottom of the screen to choose the Roku Channels menu.

(3). Select Channel Store and search for Disney+.

(4). Choose Disney+ from the list of apps.

(5). Press the Add Channel button to get Disney+ on Roku.

(6). Now, turn on your Roku and the channel will be added instantly.

How to Activate & Watch Disney Plus on Roku

(1). After adding the Disney+ app, press the Home button.

(2). Look for Disney Plus on the channel list and press OK to launch it.

(3). To sign up for a free trial, enter your email address and agree to the terms of the subscription. Else sign into your Disney+ account.

(4). Provide Roku PIN to activate its free trial.

(5). Make a note of the activation code shown on Roku TV.

(6). Open a web browser on a PC or phone and visit the activation link.

Login to Disney+: Disney Plus on Roku

(7). Log into your Disney+ account and enter the code to activate Disney+ on Roku.

(8). Now, the Disney+ channel will refresh on your Roku TV automatically.

(9). Choose any content on Disney+ to stream it on Roku.

How to Update Disney Plus on Roku

#1. Press the home button on your Roku remote.

#2. Navigate to the Disney Plus app.

#3. Press the * symbol on your remote.

#4. Tap the Check for Updates option.

#5. The channel will be updated on your Roku device.

How to Delete or Uninstall Disney+ App on Roku

#1. Press the home button on your Roku remote.

#2. Navigate to the Disney Plus app.

#3. Press the * symbol on your remote.

#4. Click on the Remove channel option and the app will be deleted immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel Disney Plus on Roku?

To cancel your Disney+ subscription on Roku, press the home button on your remote → select the Disney Plus app → click on the * button → select Manage subscription → choose Cancel subscription → confirm your cancellation.

2. How to turn off subtitles on the Roku Disney Plus app?

To disable subtitles on Disney+, go to Roku settings → choose Accessibility → select Captions mode → turn off the subtitles.

3. Can’t find Disney Plus on Roku?

When you can’t find the Disney Plus app on Roku, update the device to the latest version or your device may not support installing Disney+.

4. How to fix Disney Plus not working on Roku?

When Disney Plus is not working on Roku,
→ Check your internet connection.
Restart the Roku TV.
→ Update the Disney Plus app.
→ Uninstall and re-install the Disney Plus app.
Reset the Roku TV and install the Disney Plus app again.

5. How to change the language on the Roku Disney Plus app?

While watching a particular movie or show on Disney+, press the * button → the list of available audio will appear on the screen → select the one you want.

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