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How to Create Apple ID on Android Smartphones and Tablets

Create Apple ID on Android using a browser or Apple Music app.

Key Highlights

  • Using Browser: Open a browser → Visit → Click on Create your Apple ID → Enter the personal details → Enter the verification code sent via email or phone number.
  • Using the Apple Music app: Open Apple Music → Agree to their Terms & Conditions → Tap on the Try It Free button → click on Create New Apple ID → select the plan → enter the personal & payment details.
  • Using iTunes:

Using Apple services on Android smartphones is always a hectic task. As an Android user, I never had an Apple ID. When I installed the Apple Music app on my Samsung smartphone, it asked me to enter the Apple ID. After a lot of research, I figured out a way to create a new Apple ID on Android smartphones and tablets.

If you want to know how to create a new Apple ID using non-Apple devices, this guide is curated for you. Here, I’ve explained all the possible ways to create a new Apple ID.

How to Create Apple ID on Android Using a Web Browser

Using a web browser is the easiest option to create an Apple ID without an iPhone. Here, you don’t need to configure the credit or debit card during the sign-up process.

1. Open a browser on your Android smartphone. We recommend using Google Chrome.

2. Go to and expand the drop-down next to Apple ID. Optionally, you can go to Tap Sign In and follow the on-screen instructions.

3: Tap on the Create your Apple ID option.

4: Fill in the required credentials like first name, last name, country, birthday, email address, password, country code, and phone number.

How to Create Apple ID on Android

5: Now, select whether you want to receive promotional emails from Apple and enter the displayed captcha code for verification.

6: Enter the verification code received via email and tap on the Next button.

7: On the next screen, enter the code received on the phone number and click Next.

How to Create Apple ID on Android

8: That’s it. You have successfully created an Apple ID without configuring the payment details. Now, you can use it anywhere you want.

How to Create Apple ID on Android

Add a Payment Method to Apple ID

After creating the Apple ID, you can link a payment method with your account to make the transaction easily.

1. Visit from any browser.

2. Click Sign In and sign in with your Apple ID. Skip this step if you’re already signed in.

Sign in to Apple ID

3. Click Payment Methods and select Manage payment method.

Add Payment method on Apple ID

4. Input the payment details and click on Update. Verify your payment method by entering the code that you have received to the registered mobile number or email address.

How to Create Apple ID on Android Using Apple Music

1. Launch the Apple Music app on your Android device. If you haven’t installed it, download it from the Google Play Store.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Agree button.

3. Click the Continue button.

4. Select whether you want to send the crash reports to Apple or not.

How to Create Apple ID on Android

5. Tap the Try It Free button to get the Apple Music free trial.

6. In the pop-up, select Create New Apple ID.

7. Select the premium plan you want and click the Start Trial button.

How to Create Apple ID on Android using Apple Music app

8. Fill in the required credentials: email address, password, and country. Agree to the terms and conditions before tapping on the Next button.

9: On the next screen, enter your first name & surname, and date of birth.

Enter your personal information

10. Answer the security questions and tap on the Next button.

11. Choose the Credit/Debit Card option and complete the payment process.

How to Create Apple ID on Android

12. Enter the verification code received via email and click on the Next option.

That’s it. A new Apple ID will be created with the one-month free trial on Apple Music.

How to Create a New Apple ID using iTunes

1. Open the iTunes app on your Windows PC. If you don’t have the app, install it from the Microsoft Store.

2. Click the Account option on the top and choose Sign In.

Open iTunes on Windows PC

3. On the Sign In pop-up, click the Create New Apple ID button.

Tap the Create New Apple ID button

4. Now, enter your email, password, and country. Tick the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

Enter your email and password

Note: The entered email will be your Apple ID.

5. Then, click the Continue button.

6. On the next screen, enter your First Name, Last Name, DOB, and Security Questions. Then, click the Continue button.

Enter your personal information

7. Now, enter your payment information and address. Don’t worry, you won’t be debited any money for this. This is to save your default payment method. Then, click the Continue button.

Enter your payment details

8. Now, a verification code will be sent to your registered mail ID. Enter the code and click the Verify button to verify your email ID.

9. Within a few seconds, you will get the Apple ID Completed screen. Tap the Continue button to access Apple services on your Windows PC.

Secure Apple ID By Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Since Apple ID is the gateway for all Apple services, you must protect it with various security features. Even though a strong password is good enough to secure your account, you can enable two-factor authentication.

1. Visit and log in to your account.

2. Go to the Security section and tap the Edit option in the top right corner.

3. Make sure that two-step verification is enabled.

After enabling this, you need to provide your Apple ID password and a six-digit verification code while signing in on new devices. The code will be sent to the Apple devices configured with the same Apple ID.

Create Apple ID Apps on the Play Store

While researching for this article, I came to know about the app “How To Create an APPLE ID” in the Play Store. The app is nothing but a bunch of screenshots guiding you to create an Apple ID on your iPhone. If you come across apps like this, don’t install them on your smartphone or PC. It’s a waste of time and data.

Where Do You Need Apple ID

Apple ArcadeEnjoy playing 200+ games on all Apple devices with a subscription.
Apple PayMake secure online transactions in stores, websites, or apps.
App StoreExplore over 3.59 million apps and 984,000 games in one place.
iCloud StorageSync videos, documents, and photos across all Apple devices.
iTunesGet your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts.
Apple MusicListen to 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists without ads.
Apple NewsGet local, national, and international newspapers and magazines.
FacetimeConnect with friends and family via video or voice calls.
iMessageSend photos, videos, or texts via Wi-Fi or mobile data networks.
Game CenterView your gaming activity and check leaderboards & achievements.
Apple PodcastsSearch, follow, and listen to millions of podcasts around the world.
Apple TV+Watch Apple Originals, documentaries, series, and kids’ shows.


1. Can I create an Apple ID with Gmail?

Yes, you can use mail ID from any service like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. The only requirement is that the mail ID must be active to receive OTPs.

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