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How to Cancel NFL Game Pass in 2 Easy Ways

Not so attracted with NFL Game Pass? Then, you may cancel its free trail to save your money.

NFL Game Pass is popular among the National Football League gaming enthusiasts. It is a subscription-based service in which you can watch and listen to NFL games. With the NFL Game Pass, you will never miss a minute of your favorite team gameplay. Get the Pro subscription and access live as well as on-demand games at any time. You can stream the NFL Network live, including Thursday Night Football. Despite the benefits, you may any time find the subscription to be costly or you no longer use it. In such a case, you can opt to cancel the NFL Game Pass subscription. It lets its subscribers cancel the subscription and request a full refund.

How to Cancel NFL Game Pass?

If you no longer want to use NFL Game Pass, then you can stop the subscription. Make sure you do it from the desktop, as you cannot cancel it from the mobile platform.

(1) Launch a browser on your desktop PC.

(2) Navigate to the NFL Game Pass website,

NFL Game Pass Website

(3) Sign in with your NFL Game Pass login details.

(4) Press the avatar or profile icon from the top right.

(5) Select the My Account option.

Select My Account-Cancel NFL Game Pass

(6) Under the My Subscriptions section, select the Plus sign.

Choose My Subscription

(7) If your account is still available as Free Trail, uncheck the box in the subscription section. Or click the Cancel Subscription button.

(8) Click on Verify or Update or Save button to cancel the Game Pass subscription.

Note: If you have been directed to the My Account Page of after you log in, then you can go to the Game Pass account page. On the Watch Games section, select the Access button. Follow the steps given above after you get back to the page.

Steps to Cancel NFL Game Pass Auto-Renew

(1) Go to the NFL Game Pass website ( using the browser.

(2) Signin with your account.

(3) Tap on the Account icon at the top-right corner.

(4) On the drop-down, select the Manage your account option.

(5) Under the billing section, click the Cancel Auto-renew button.

How to Cancel NFL Game Pass In-App Subscription

If you subscribed to NFL Game Pass through Apple Pay or Google Play, you have to cancel the subscription from the respective app store. Follow our guide on how to cancel a subscription on iPhone and how to cancel a subscription on Android devices. If you are using the streaming device Roku, you have to follow separate steps to remove the subscription to Roku streaming devices.

NFL Game Pass Refund Policy

If you want a refund of your Game Pass subscription, you have to meet some criteria. They are,

  • You need to cancel the subscription within three days from the purchase date.
  • For Auto-renewal, you need to cancel it seven days from the next renewal.
  • If your subscription is canceled by the company due to any malicious activities, you won’t get any refund. There are chances that you can’t use the same credentials again to buy the subscription.
  • You can cancel your NFL Game Pass subscription at any time within 14 days from the date you have signed up to get a full refund.
  • If you cancel the subscription after 14 days, you won’t get any refund. Instead of that, you can use the NFL Game Pass access till the next billing cycle.
  • Before canceling or buying the subscription, make sure to read the NFL Game Pass’s Terms and Conditions.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can cancel the NFL subscription using third-party services like DoNotPay. These services will get you extra offers and redeem codes that are not available on the official platforms. But, you have to submit your payment credentials and personal information. We, at Techowns, won’t encourage providing the sensitive information to third-party services. Do it at your own risk.


1. Can I cancel NFL Game Pass anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the NFL subscription anytime you want from the web browser or through in-app purchases.

2. How do I cancel Auto-Renewal on NFL Game Pass?

To cancel the Auto-Renewal, uncheck the Auto-Renew option from your Subscription menu.

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