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How to Cancel NFL Game Pass in 2 Easy Ways

Not so attracted with NFL Game Pass? Then you may cancel its free trail to save your money.

NFL Game Pass is more popular among the National Football League gaming enthusiasts. It is a subscription-based service in which you can watch and listen to NFL games. With the NFL Game Pass, you will never miss a minute of your favorite team gameplay. Get the Pro subscription and access live as well as on-demand games at any time. You can stream the NFL Network live including Thursday Night Football. Despite the benefits, you may any time find the subscription to be costly or you no longer use it. In such a case, you can opt to cancel the NFL Game Pass subscription. It lets its subscribers cancel the subscription and request a full refund. You may get into the section to know how to cancel NFL Game Pass in brief.

How to Cancel NFL Game Pass?

If you no longer want to use NFL Game Pass, then you can cancel the free trial. Make sure you do it from the desktop as you cannot cancel it from the mobile platform.

Note: Refunds from NFL Game Pass may take up to 14 days after the initial order to be accepted after your request for a refund.

(1) Launch a browser on your desktop PC.

(2) Navigate to

(3) Provide your login details and click on Sign In.

(4) Press the avatar or profile icon from the top right.

(5) Select My Account option.

Select My Account-Cancel NFL Game Pass
Select My Account

(6) Under My Subscriptions section, select the plus sign.

Choose My Subscription
Choose My Subscription

(7) If your account is still available as Free Trail, uncheck the box in the subscription section.

(8) Click on Verify or Update or Save button to cancel the Game Pass subscription.

Note: If you have been directed to My Account Page of after you log in, then you can go to the Game Pass account page. On the Watch Games section, select the Access button. Follow the steps given above after you get back to the page. Make sure to sign in using the username or email address.

Steps to Cancel NFL Game Pass Auto Renew

(1) Go to using the browser.

(2) Select Sign in button to login to your account.

(3) Tap on the Account icon at the top-right corner.

(4) On the drop-down, select Manage your account option.

(5) Under billing section, click on Cancel auto renew button.

Our Opinion

You may cancel your NFL Game Pass subscription at any time within 7 days from the date you have signed up. This will not cost you anything but exceeding it will attract you full Pro Plan annual fee based on your region.

Hope you have been able to cancel your Game Pass subscription with the above guidelines. If in case of any comments, use the comments section. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more interesting articles.

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