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How to Change Location on Tinder for Free

Switch your Tinder location to a new place and make new connections.

Tinder has become more popular among young generation people who are looking for partners. It uses your location to find matches in a particular radius. If the user has paid for the subscription plans like Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum account, they can choose their preferred location. By extending the border, users can come across people from different places. Tinder location change would be helpful for people who would like to make new friends worldwide and for travelers who travel to parts of the world.

How Tinder Tracks the Location

Tinder uses the location set on the mobile device. So it fetches the location from the device and uses it in Tinder. It takes the user’s location as the reference point and stretches out as far as 100 miles around the user’s location. So, location determines who potentially can match or around which particular radius it happens.

Method 1: Change Location on Tinder Plus Account

Tinder Plus is a paid subscription that the user can purchase to enjoy the fullest of using a Tinder account.

Change location in a Paid tinder account

1. Open the Tinder application and navigate to the “Settings” option.

2. The users have two options one is the Tinder Plus, and the other is Tinder Gold.

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3. Once the upgrading is completed, the users can go to the “Settings” tab.

4. Click on the “Swiping In or Location” option available depending on the device.

5. Select the “Add New Location” option, and the user can add their location from the list.

6. At last, the user also has an option to hide the location to prevent the matches from knowing the distance.

Method 2: Change Tinder Location by Faking GPS

Tinder always takes input from the device location. If the users are not ready to pay for the subscription, there is always an alternate free method to change the location.

For iOS Users,

The iOS users have an option to use GPS spoofer software like MockGo to make changes on the location without jailbreaking the device.

1. The users need to download and install the software on a desktop. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

2. Connect the iPhone to the device and click the “Start” option on the main screen to get the device’s current location.

Start option on Mockgo - How to Change Location on Tinder

3. Activate the “Teleport” mode available in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Enter the location that the user wishes to change and click on the “Go” option.

5. At last, click on the “Move Here” option to teleport the location to the desired coordinates.

Move here option on MOCKGO

Once the location is changed, it would remain the same until the users restart the device or wish to try a different region using the same method.

For Android Users,

For the Android device, the users have different GPS spoofing software like Fake GPS to change the device location and update the preferred region on Tinder.

1. Download and install the “Fake GPS” application on the Android device.

2. Open the “Settings” tab, then click on the “Developer Option” tab.

Developer option on Fake GPS

3. Turn on the toggle switch, and look for the “Allow Mock Location” option.

Allow mock location

4. Now, scroll down and click on the “Select Mock Location” tab.

Select mock location option from Fake GPS - How to Change Location on Tinder

5. From the pop-up, select the “Fake GPS” application from the list.

How to Change Location on Tinder - Pop up for Fake GPS

6. Now, navigate to the Settings tab and click on the “Location” option.

7. Scroll down and click on the locating mode to the “Device Only” option.

Device only option on Fake GPS

8. Finally, the user has to open the Tinder application and go to the “Settings” option.

9. Click on the “Discovery Settings” to recalibrate to the new location.

Method 3: Using Everywhere for Tinder Application [Only Android]

This application is exclusively for changing the location on Tinder without paying any fee. However, Tinder officials are also aware of this application and constantly trying to block it by providing updates frequently. Here is how to change the region using the Everywhere for Tinder application.

Everywhere for TInder

1. The users can download and install this app from apk file available on third-party platforms.

2. Open the application, and a map will pop up on the home screen, where the user can pin the desired location and click on the “Green Check Mark” available on the screen.

3. Now, open the Tinder application and see if the location matches the pinned region.

4. Users can return to their original location by clicking on the “Stop” option available at the bottom.

Method 4: Change Tinder Location Using Facebook

If the user logins into Tinder using the Facebook account, they change the location on Facebook, which would reflect on the Tinder account’s region.

1. Log in to the Facebook account, and go to the “Settings” option.

2. Click on the “Current City” option and go to the “Add Current City” option.

Current City for Tinder location changes using facebook

3. Search for the desired location on the search bar and select it from the drop-down list.

4. Finally, click on the “Save” option to finish the settings.

Method 5: Using VPN to Change Tinder GPS

This method is one of the simplest of all the above steps, where the users need to have a reliable VPN application. One of the best VPN services would be ExpressVPN.

Express VPN - How to Change Location on Tinder

1. Search for this VPN in Google PlayStore or AppStore based on the user’s device.

2. Download and install the app, and register or sign in if you already have an account.

3. Click on the “Quick Connect” option, and the device will connect to more than 5000 servers worldwide.

4. If the user needs to connect the server to a specific location, they can select it from the available list.

Tinder is a location-based dating application for people to match with random like-minded users. So based on the user’s preference, they can choose the region they wish to find a match. The above discussed are some working methods to change the location for free, but the process is simple for users with a paid account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tinder change the location automatically?

Yes, Tinder takes input from the device location. So it would be updated automatically when the users move to different places.

What is the simple and official method to change location on Tinder?

Taking a Tinder subscription would be an easy method. It gives Tinder Passport feature to the users, which users can utilize to switch to a different place in minutes.

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