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How to Chromecast Steam Games from Android, iPhone & PC

Access Steam Gameplay on your Chromecast connected device and play your favorite games on big screen.

Steam is a cloud-based gaming engine that enables you to download and play popular games on all the available devices. Apart from gaming, it has several features that allow you to chat with friends while playing, play online games with friends, stream games online, and support different controllers. With the Steam Link, you can play games on Android, iOS, PC, etc., by connecting your device with the controller. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to Chromecast Steam to your TV screen.

Steam does not have official Chromecast support for casting. But you can mirror your gameplay from your device to the Chromecast connected TV. Here are the devices that you can screen mirror on Chromecast.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC

Note – Your device (Android, iPhone, or PC) and the Chromecast must be on the same network to screen mirror the gameplay.

Chromecast Steam from Smartphone

#1: Install and launch the Steam or Steam Link app from the Play Store/App Store.

  • With Steam, you can get the latest news, updates, download games, and chat with friends.
  • With the Steam Link, you can play PC games on your Android device.

#2: Sign in with the username and password of Steam.

Chromecast Steam

Using Android

#3: Swipe down your android screen to view the notification panel.

#4: Tap on Cast option from the notification panel.

Chromecast Steam

#5: Select your Chromecast device from the list.

Chromecast Steam

#6: Now, you can cast game from your smartphone to TV.


#1: Download and install Chromecast Streamer from the App store.


#2: Connect to your Chromecast device and choose the screen mirror mode.

screen mirror

#3: Adjust the settings like resolution, sound, bitrate, and mode (optional).

Chromecast Steam

#4: Click on Start Mirroring and again click on Start Broadcast to mirror on your screen.

#5: Now open the Stream app and cast the gameplay.

Chromecast Steam from PC

#1: Launch Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

#2: Click on the menu icon near the search bar.

#3: Choose the Cast… option from the menu.


#4: From the Cast tab, set the source to Cast Desktop.

cast tab

#5: Select your Chromecast device from the list of available device.

#6: Now you screen will be mirrored to Chromecast connected device.


#7: Visit from your browser.

Chromecast Steam

#8: Log in with the username and password of Steam.

Chromecast Steam

Steam App

#1: Minimize Chrome browser and launch Steam application.

Chromecast Steam

#2: Login with your account and start playing on Steam.

Chromecast Steam

Now you will be able to stream your game to the Chromecast connected device.

If you’re a Chromecast with Google TV user, you can download Steam Link from the Play Store. Login with your Steam account and play the game directly on your TV screen.

These are some possible ways to cast Steam gameplay on your bigger TV screen using Chromecast. We prefer to use Google TV to play directly on your TV rather than casting or mirroring. If you have any doubt, make use of the comments section below.

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