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How to Chromecast Steam Link to TV

Access Steam Gameplay on your Chromecast connected device and play your favorite games on big screen.

Steam Link offers a way to play PC games on smartphones without any additional hardware. With the Steam Link app on your smartphone, you can play all the existing games from your Steam account and even cast the games to any Chromecast-compatible device. The only requirement is that you need to pair any gaming controller, like PlayStation or Xbox controller, to your Android smartphone or iPhone.

How to Chromecast Steam Link from Smartphone

Unfortunately, the Steam Link app is not compatible with the built-in Chromecast support. So, you need to mirror your Android device or iPhone. Before that, you need to pair your smartphone and PC using the Steam Link app. To do so,

#1: Install and launch the Steam Link (not the Steam app) app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

  • With Steam, you can get the latest news and updates, download games, and chat with friends.
  • With the Steam Link app, you can play PC games on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

#2: Then, connect your PC and smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

#3: Open the Steam app on your PC.

#4: Then, open the Steam Link app on your smartphone. It will search for nearby PC running Steam.

#5:. Select a computer when it is detected.

#6: Now, a 4-digit code will appear on the smartphone.

#7: Enter the code to pair your smartphone and PC.

How to Screen Mirror Steam Link to Chromecast Using Android

Now that the Steam Link app on your smartphone is linked with the Steam app on your PC, you can easily play all the Steam games from your smartphone. By mirroring your smartphone, you will get the gameplay on your Chromecast screen. Connect your Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV. Then, connect the Chromecast to the WiFi to which your smartphone is connected.

#1: Connect a gaming controller to your Android smartphone.

#2: Swipe down your android screen to view the Notification Panel.

#3: Tap on the Cast or Screen Cast option from the notification panel.

Chromecast Steam

#4: Select your Chromecast device from the list.

Chromecast Steam

#5: Now, play any game from your Steam account. It will appear on your TV screen via Chromecast.

How to Screen Mirror Steam Link to Chromecast Using iPhone

For iPhones and iPad, you can’t directly screen mirror the device to Chromecast. You need to use third-party screen mirroring apps like Replica. You also need to connect gaming controllers like Xbox controllers to your iPhone to play Steam games remotely.

#1: Download and install the Replica app from the App Store.

#2: Open the Replica app and give the necessary permissions.

Replica app

#3: Now, the app will look for a nearby casting device.

Mirror Steam app from iOS

#4: When your Chromecast is detected, tap on it.

#5: Now, open the Steam or Steam Link app and cast the gameplay.

How to Chromecast Steam from a PC

This method seems a little unreasonable. Though we can directly play the Steam games on PC, we have the option to cast the game. If you want to test your PC’s performance in mirroring and refresh rates, you can try this method.

#1: Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows or Mac PC. Make sure that the Chrome browser is updated to its latest version.

#2: Click on the menu icon near the search bar.

#3: Choose the Cast… option from the menu.


#4: From the Cast tab, set the source to Cast Desktop.

cast tab

#5: Select your Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

#6: Now, your screen will be mirrored to Chromecast connected device.

Mirror Steam Website to Chromecast

#1: Visit from your browser.

Chromecast Steam

#2: Log in with the username and password of Steam.

Chromecast Steam

#3: Play any game on your PC. It will appear on your TV.

Mirror Steam App to PC

#1: Minimize the Chrome browser and launch the Steam application.

Chromecast Steam

#2: Log in with your account and start playing on Steam.

Chromecast Steam

#3: Now, you will be able to stream your game to the Chromecast-connected device.

Using Steam Remote Play

Remote Play is a Cast-like feature available on the Steam app for PC. By using Remote Play, you can stream the gameplay from your PC to other cast-supported TVs. Some Smart TVs like Sony and Samsung offer the Steam Link app.

#1: Open the Steam app on your PC.

#2: Go to Settings and choose Remote Play.

#3: Tick the Enable Remote Play checkbox.

Tick the Enable Remote Play checkbox

#4: Under the Device Name box, the Steam Link compatible TVs will appear.

#5: Choose the TV and click the Pair Steam Link button. For some TVs, you have to confirm the pairing with a security PIN code.

#6: Then, play the game on your PC using the Steam Engine.

#7: The gameplay will appear on your TV.

The methods mentioned above can be used to mirror the Steam or Steam Link app to all the Google Chromecast devices like Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast 2nd Gen, Chromecast 3rd Gen, and more. By casting the Steam Link app, you will get a big picture of your gameplay on Chromecast. If you’re a Chromecast with Google TV user, you can download Steam Link from the Play Store. Login with your Steam account and play the game directly on your TV screen. If you have any doubts, make use of the comments section below.

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