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How to Download Twitch Videos [All Working Methods]

Download Twitch Videos and start using it offline.

Twitch is a live streaming platform for gaming lovers. You can either stream or watch live streaming of gamers across the world. Apart from watching live streams, you can chat with millions of fans as well. As plenty of streamers use Twitch, you can watch the videos to know the tricks of your favorite games. You can download the Twitch video you stream, but you have to use third-party apps if you want to download other’s videos. There are plenty of ways to download Twitch videos and watch them offline.


How to Download Twitch Videos?

As mentioned earlier, you can either download,

  1. Videos you streamed
  2. Videos others streamed

How to Download Twitch Videos You Broadcasted?

Twitch allows you to download your own videos and you have an option to allow your viewers to watch your videos offline as well.

1. Open the Twitch application and login if asked to.

2. Click on the Profile icon on the top right corner.

3. Choose the Settings option from the Profile drop down.


4. Go to the Channels and Videos tab under Settings.

Channels and Videos Settings

5. You will find the Store Post Broadcast toggle button. Turn it on to store the broadcast for 14 days.

How to Download Twitch Videos

6. Now click on the Content dropdown and choose the Video Producer option.

7. You will find the videos you broadcasted. Choose the three-dotted icon and click on the Download option to save the video on your device

How to Download Twitch Videos

How to Download Twitch Videos Streamed by Others?

There is no official way to download videos streamed by others. But you can use third-party apps to download the stream. There are a few applications like Twitch Leecher, 4K Video Downloader, Video Keeper Lite, and Twitch Video Downloader that allows you to download the videos streamed.

Twitch Leecher - Download Twitch Videos

1. Install any of the app on your device.

2. Copy the video link from Twitch and search it using these application.

3. Few apps allows you to select the download resolution also. Choose the resolution and download the video on your device.

The above steps are more or less similar to all the third-party apps. You can download the videos easily.

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Wrapping Up

As there is no official way of downloading the video broadcasted by others, you have to use the third-party apps only. You can either choose one of the above apps or use web portals to download the videos. If you are still wondering how to download the videos, share your queries in the comment below. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter for more tech articles.

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