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How to Factory Reset Vizio Smart TV in 2 minutes

Reset your Vizio Smart TV to factory settings to fix the issues.

Vizio Smart TV is a Smart TV which allows you to stream your favourite movies and TV shows along with the traditional satellite TV as well. There are plenty of apps which streams movies, music, TV shows and much more on your TV. You can also cast contents from your smartphone to the TV with the in-built Chromecast. Like other smart devices, you might face some issues on your Vizio Smart TV sometimes. During such times, you can reset Vizio Smart TV to factory settings to clear the issues.

How to Factory Reset Vizio Smart TV?

The below are the steps required to reset your Vizio Smart TV to Factory settings.

(1) Turn on your Vizio Smart TV.

(2) Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote.

Press menu button

(3) Select the “System” option and then press the OK button on the remote.

System option

(4) Select Reset and Admin option and then press the OK button.

reset and admin option on vizio smart tv

(5) Select Reset TV to Factory Default and click OK button. Now it will ask you to enter the default parental code (0000).

Select Reset TV to factory defaults option

(6) You can see the alert message on your TV screen. Here select reset to restore all TV settings to factory defaults.

(7) Select the Reset button again and then press OK.

Reset Vizio Smart TV

(8) Now you need to wait for the TV to turn off.

The reset process will start on your Smart TV.

Note: By resetting your Smart TV, all apps and data on your Smart TV will get deleted. Once reset, you can undo your action. Make sure you take the necessary backup of important files before resetting your Vizio Smart TV.

If you think issues are due to installed apps, try to update apps on Vizio Smart TV before resetting your TV.

Our Opinion

Above are the steps required to reset your Smart TV to factory settings. By resetting your TV, all data and files will get removed from your TV. If you are facing issues on your Smart TV, resetting will fix your issues. Sometimes updating your TV will fix the issues. Therefore, before resetting try to update the TV and if the issue is not fixed, then reset it.

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