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How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11

Take a look at this guide for a full guide on how to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows connecting and exchanging data between different devices within a short distance. You can connect devices like speakers, headphones, earbuds, keyboards, mouse, printers, etc. Windows 11 supports Bluetooth to transmit media files from your PC to other devices. To do this, you need to keep your Bluetooth option enabled on both the sender and receiver devices. In this article, we show you how to turn on Bluetooth on your Windows 11 device.

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11

There are two ways to connect Bluetooth on your Windows 11

  1. From Action Center
  2. From Settings Apps

1. Turn on Bluetooth Via Action Center

[1] Tap the Win+A keyboard shortcut to open the Action Center. Or, click the Action Center icon near the bottom right corner of the desktop.

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11

[2] Click on the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. When it is enabled in the Action center, it turns to a dark color.

By default, the Bluetooth icon is available on Action Center. If you can’t find the Bluetooth icon on Action center, then follow the below steps to add it.

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[1] In Action Center, click on Edit quick actions icon at the bottom left.

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11

[2] Click Add.

[3] Next, select Bluetooth from the list.

[4] Finally, click on Done to save changes.

2. Turn on Bluetooth Via Settings

[1] In the Start menu, search for Settings or press the Windows + I shortcut key to open the Windows Settings.

[2] Under Settings, select Bluetooth and Devices.

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11

[3] Next, click the toggle next to Bluetooth to enable it.

Turn On Bluetooth Via Settings App

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How To Pair a Bluetooth Device In Windows 11

Follow the simple steps to pair with other devices that support Bluetooth connectivity.

[1] Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on both devices.

[2] Open Windows Settings and click the Add Bluetooth or other devices button.

Pair a Bluetooth Device In Windows 11

[3] Click on the Add device option.

[4] Add a device window will appear on the screen. Click on the Bluetooth switch.

Click on the Bluetooth switch

[5] Your system will scan for nearby devices available to connect.

[6] Select the device that you want to connect.

Add a device

[7] Here, you will receive a confirmation on the window and click on Connect button.

Connect devices

[8] Finally, the connection will be established successfully.

Troubleshoot Bluetooth Issues

If you find any issues while trying to turn on Bluetooth, then you can try with any of these solutions.

  1. Check whether your computer supports Bluetooth technology or not.
  2. Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter
  3. Check whether Bluetooth support service is running or not
  4. Check if flight mode is enabled or not
  5. Update Bluetooth drivers to the latest version

Thus, you can turn on Bluetooth on your Windows 11 and connect devices like speakers, headphones, keyboards, mouse, etc. By using this, you can easily send data and communicate with nearby devices wirelessly.

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