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How to Find IP Address on Android Using 3 Easy Methods

You can easily check IP Address on your Android Phone using Settings on your Smartphone.

Network configuration wouldn’t be possible without knowing about the IP address and its functionality. To those unaware, IP address aka Internet Protocol address is a numerical label provided to every other device connected to a computer network. It is with which your device communicating with other devices. If in case you fall into a situation of configuring the network settings on Android, then you must essential to know the IP address. With this, you will be able to find your device IP address in your home network and your home network on the internet. This section aims to help those who are certainly looking for the answer to how to find IP Address on an Android device.

Know them Well!

Public IP aka global IP address are usually assigned by an ISP. It is network-specific and will be used outside the network.

Private IP aka local IP address is used to identify your device on your own network. It is unique and only one device can have a private IP on that network.

  • For example, consider your home WiFi. It is a network and has a public IP. Those devices connected to that Wi-Fi will hold a private IP address.

How to Find IP Address on Android?

There are three different ways in which you can find the IP address of your Android phone or tablet. Get to know them in brief.

Steps to Find Local IP Address on Android

The steps you should carry out to find the local IP address on Android are as follows.

(1) Navigate to Android Settings app.

(2) Click on Connections.

Select Connections-How to Find IP Address on Android
Select Connections

(3) Select Wi-Fi.

Choose WiFi-How to Find IP Address on Android
Choose WiFi

(4) Tap on Menu icon (three vertical dots next to Wi-Fi Direct) from the top-right.

Click Menu-How to Find IP Address on Android
Click Menu

(5) Click on Advanced option.

Hit Advanced-How to Find IP Address on Android
Hit Advanced

(6) On the following screen, scroll down to find the IP address.

Steps to Find Router IP Address on Android

Just like local IP, router IP address can be easily found on Android.

(1) Go to Settings > Connections > WiFi. Refer screenshots of steps (1) to (3). given in the above method.

(2) Select a particular WiFi under current network.

(3) Scroll down to click on Advanced.

Select Advanced option
Select Advanced option

(4) Make a click on DHCP.

Click on DHCP
Click on DHCP

(5) Choose Static.

Select Static
Select Static

(6) The next screen will show you IP address, gateway and more.

Router IP Address-How to Find IP Address on Android
Router IP Address

Steps to Find Public IP Address on Android

Finding your public IP address on the Android device is the easiest option.

(1) Open a web browser from app drawer.

(2) On the search bar, type as What is my IP and press Enter.

(3) The following screen will show your public IP address.

Public IP Address-How to Find IP Address on Android
Public IP Address

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Our Opinion

That’s all about finding an IP address on an Android device. While you can find your local and router IP address from within the device, public IP can be found only through external means. So, you need to rely on some external third-party app or services to find your public IP address.

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