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How to Find Reel Drafts on Instagram [Android & iPhone]

View reel drafts on your Instagram app directly from the profile page.

Key Highlights

  • Android/iPhone: Instagram appProfile iconReel tab → View the videos saved as drafts.
  • You can find reel drafts only on the Android device or iPhone you have used to record the video.

Reels is an interesting feature on Instagram which lets you post short videos in different categories. Apart from posting the videos, you can also save the videos as drafts to publish the videos in the feature. You can find the saved reel drafts on Instagram only on the device that you have used to save the video. You can’t access the same video on another device even by logging into the same account.

How to Find Reel Drafts on Instagram

If you want to access your old recorded reel, you can find them under drafts on your profile. To open your drafts,

1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

2: Click your Instagram Profile picture icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

3: In your Profile tab, select the Reel tab at the center of the screen.

Find Reel Drafts on Instagram

4: You can find the reel video you’ve saved as a draft on the Instagram account.

5: Now, you can edit the video with various filters & effects and post them whenever you want.

How to Save a Reel Drafts on Instagram

1: On your Instagram app, swipe right to open the camera and click on the record button.

Find Reel Drafts on Instagram

2: After recording the video, click on the Next button. On the next screen, you can see a preview of your video. Click the Next button again.

Find Reel Drafts on Instagram

3: Click the Save as a Draft button on the bottom left. It will save your recorded video as a draft. Then, you can post them at your favorite time.

Alternatively, you can save your video quickly using a shortcut. To do that,

1: Record your Reels first with the Instagram Camera.

2: After finishing recording, try to exit the camera. A pop-up will appear with options like Discard Video, Save As Draft, and Cancel.

Select Save As Draft option

3: Click the Save As Draft option to save your video instantly.

How to Delete Reel Drafts on Instagram

If you think your old recorded reel drafts on Instagram are not good as you expected, you can delete them whenever you want.

1: Open the Instagram app.

2: Select the Profile icon in the bottom right corner.

3: Select the Reel tab to view the saved videos on the profile page.

4: Under the drafts page, click the Select button in the top right corner.

Click Discard Button to delete your Reel draft

5: Select the reels that you want to delete and click the Discard option. It will delete your Reel drafts from your account.

How to Edit & Post the Saved Videos on Instagram

1: On your Reels tab, select the drafted video to open the editing page. Here, you can include music, add stickers & filters, type words, and more.

2: After editing, click the Next button. You will see the Share button below.

Click on Share Button to post your Reel Online

3: Click the Share button to post your video on your Instagram account.

You can turn off the comments for your Instagram videos to prevent strangers from commenting on them.

How to Save Reel Drafts to Device Gallery

Instagram also allows users to save the drafted videos locally on their devices.

1: On the edit page, you can see a Download icon on the top while editing your draft. Click on it

Click on Download logo to save your Reel on your device

2: Now, the video will be saved to your device gallery. You can play them whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my drafts disappear on Instagram?

It might happen if you have uninstalled the app or logged out of your account. You may also face this error if you have an outdated version of Instagram. So update the Instagram app regularly.

Can you recover deleted reels?

Yes. You can recover your deleted reel and reel drafts. To do that, select Profile icon → Hamburger icon → Your activity → Recently deleted. You can find your deleted Reels and Reel drafts. Remember, they will be available for recovery only for thirty days from the date of deletion. So you need to restore them within thirty days.

How long will the Instagram Reels drafts be saved?

There is no time limit for reel drafts. The drafts will be available on your account until you delete them.

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