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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free [Mobile & PC]

Listen to millions of HQ songs with Spotify Premium subscription for Lifetime free.

Spotify is a free and premium audio streaming service like Amazon Music and YouTube music. It offers you millions of songs to listen for free. Spotify is available as a mobile app for Android and iPhones, and also you can stream with a browser on a PC. Spotify’s free version contains ads and has limited features like audio streaming up to 160 kbps, no audio shuffle. Also, it doesn’t offer any offline downloads in the free version. So in this article, we explain how to get a Spotify Premium subscription for 100% free.

Premium Features:

  • In Spotify Premium, you can skip unlimited songs. In the free version, you cannot skip only some songs.
  • Listen to songs with very high-quality streams up to 360 kbps. In the free version, you can only stream up to 160 kbps.
  • You can download high-quality songs for offline listening. The free version doesn’t give you a download option. You can download up to 10k songs per device.
  • No interruptions while listening to a song and listen to ad-free high-quality music with the premium plan.
  • No need to wait for new releases as Spotify and Universal Music Group has made a deal that it will publish new songs to its premium users, while normal users may need to wait for few weeks to listen to the latest releases.

How to Activate Spotify Premium Free trial

Spotify offers 30 days free trial for those who subscribe to Individual, Duo, Family plans. Let’s discuss how to activate the free trial and enjoy the benefits of the premium plans.

1. Go to Spotify website and Sign-up or Login to your account.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free

2. Scroll down and select any one of the plans.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free

3. Select “View Plans” and then enter the required details in the checkout form.

4. Checkout using Credit card or PayPal.

5. Now, your Free trial has been activated successfully.

Note: Cancel your Spotify free trial within thirty days to avoid getting charged automatically.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free using the Family plan

Spotify offers you three plans Individual for one account, Duo for two accounts, Family for 6 accounts. So, if any of your family members have a Family plan, give them your Spotify account mail id and ask them to add your account to the plan. Now, your account will be added to the premium subscription, and you can enjoy Spotify premium for free.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Lifetime with Spotify Plus

Kindly note that the following method involves Spotify MOD app. We do not recommend using this method, as it is not legal to use modified apps without getting proper permissions from the creators. You can try this method at your own risk.

1. Go to Google and search for “Spotify premium Mod apk.”

2. Select the website that shares you the premium modded apps as shown in the image below.

select the website

3. Scroll down the page and tap the Spotify Mod apk download link.


4. Wait for the Spotify Mod apk to download on your Android device.

5. Open the downloaded app.

6. Click install to “Install” the app.

7. Open the app and tap anywhere on your phone.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free

7. As it was an mod app, you don’t need to go through any signup or login process. You can run without any accounts.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free

Enjoy and listen to your favorite songs with Spotify premium for lifetime.


Finally, we have learned how to get Spotify Premium for free using the free trial and the modded apk. We hope that the above tutorials work without any error. If you had any issues or errors while following this guide, share them with us in the comment section below.

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