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How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments [3 Ways]

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Reddit is a popular online messaging board that has a lot of information on several topics. While browsing, you may come across some of the posts or comments which may have deleted or removed due to certain reasons. If the comments posted by the users violate the Reddit rules, they will be removed automatically or the people who posted the question can remove the comments which are misleading or spam. Whatever the reason may be, you can see or view those deleted Reddit posts and comments easily with the help of these three tools.

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments?

Below are the three methods to see deleted Reddit posts and comments:

  1. Removeddit
  2. Ceddit
  3. Wayback Machine

1. Removeddit

The easiest way to view the deleted Reddit post and comments is by using Removeddit. A simple change on the URL does all the magic.

(1) Copy the URL of the post which you like to see the deleted comments.

(2) Paste the URL on the new tab and replace “reddit” with “removeddit”.

(3) All the comments posted on the topic will appear on the screen. The posts deleted the Reddit will appear in the blue color and the comments removed by moderators will appear in the red color.

See Deleted Reddit Posts using Removeddit

2. Ceddit

Ceddit is another quick solution to read the deleted comments on Reddit. Like removeddit, you just have to make a small change on the URK respected to the topic.

(1) Copy the respective topic URL.

(2) Replace the “R” in the Reddit with “C“.

(3) The deleted comments will appear on the red color.

See Deleted Reddit Posts using Ceddit

3. Wayback Machine

Unlike the above two methods, Wayback Machine works differently. It is a popular web archiving service which takes screenshots of all the websites.

(1) Copy the topic URL on Reddit.

(2) Visit on a new tab.

(3) Paste the URL and select Browser History.

(4) The Wayback Machine will display a calendar with a blue circle on dates. The circle indicates the screenshot for the particular post has been taken on that date.

See Deleted Reddit Posts using Wayback

(5) By tapping on the version, the screenshots taken on the particular date will appear on the screen.

Unlike other methods, using Wayback Machine to view the deleted Reddit comments is very difficult. For this method, you need to know when the comment was deleted or removed from Reddit.

Our Opinion

Indeed, Removeddit is the easiest tool to find deleted comments and posts as it displays those things in different colors. Do you know any other method to read or view the deleted Reddit comments? Share with us in the below comments section.

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