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How to Use Shook Filter on Snapchat App

Use Shook Filter on Snapchat to create crazy faces.

Key Highlights

  • Shook Filter: Tap the Smiley icon → Explore → Search Shook → Capture your image → Save or share with your friends.

Snapchat is the best social media app when it comes to using filters, effects, and lenses compared to Instagram. Snapchat introduces filters and lenses frequently for users to create fun among friends and family. One of the recently trending filters in Snapchat is Shook. Using this filter, the face will look crazy with a smiley face, without eyes blinking. If you are looking to add the Shook filter on your Snapchat, we have explained the steps to get it.

How to Use Shook Filter on Snapchat [Android & iPhone]

1. Launch Snapchat on your smartphone.

2. Tap the Smiley icon on the right side near the camera shutter, or tap the Magnifying glass icon (Yellow colored lens) at the center.

Choose Smiley or Magnify icon

3. Tap Explore at the bottom right of the screen.

hit Explore

4. In the Search, type Shook and look for it.

5. Pick the Shook filter that is appeared first on the search results.

Shook Filter on Snapchat

6. Next, capture your photo using the Shook filter.

7. Once captured, tap Save. You can even share it with your friends by tapping Send To.

Shook Filter on Snapchat

Tip! By subscribing to Snapchat Plus, you can try out the pre-release features and get additional filters and effects on Snapchat.

Popular Filters on Snapchat

Here are some of the popular filters that Snapchat users mostly use than the Shook filter.

Fire SunglassesPolaroid FrameBear in Love
Neon HornsPecanRainbow Glasses
Cartoon 3D StyleDancing TurkeyMustaches
Scary MaskThe EldersAnime Style
Lips FrecklesDistortionFashion Sunglasses
Vogue NoirVSCO FiltersRock Hipster

How to Fix Snapchat Filter Not Working

If the Snapchat filters are not working normally, you can try the troubleshooting steps to solve the issues.

[1] Check whether you are connected to a stable internet connection.

[2] Ensure that Snapchat filters are enabled in settings.

[3] Restart Snapchat and your smartphone.

[4] Try clearing the Snapchat cache.

[5] Update Snapchat to the latest version.

[6] Uninstall and re-install the app again.

If the fixes don’t resolve your issue, you can contact Snapchat Support to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most used filters on Snapchat?

The most used filters on Snapchat are Vogue Noir, Cartoon 3D Style, My Twin, and more.

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