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How to Update Apple Watch [Two Simple Methods]

It is always mandatory to update your Apple Watch to the latest software.

Apple Watch is a device owned and maintained by Apple. It is one of the smart devices launched by Apple. Unlike other smart watched, Apple Watch has plenty of top-notch features. This smartwatch is synced with your iPhone to notify you about the calls, messages, health, fitness and much more. Like other smart devices, you have to update the software regularly to enjoy seamlessly. Every update is important because the minor bugs and major UI changes are implemented only by updating the device. If you still wondering on how to update Apple Watch, then go through the article below.

Note: It is very important to update your device to the latest version. The bugs and issues get resolved through updates. By updating the software, you get new features with an increase in speed and reliability.

How to Update Apple Watch?

Whenever there is a new update, the Apple watch automatically notifies you and start updating. But still, you can check for new updates and update it manually as well. There are two ways to update Apple Watch:

  1. Update directly on the Apple Watch.
  2. Update using the iPhone.

Method 1: How to Update Directly on Apple Watch?

(1) Connect your Apple Watch to WiFi connection.

(2) Press the Digital Crown on the Apple watch, it will open the apps section on your Apple watch.

(3) Go to the “Settings” option.

How to Update Apple Watch?

(4) Choose “General” under the “Settings” menu.

(5) Under General settings, click on the “Software Update” button.

General tab

(6) Tap Download and Install to download and install the latest software on your Apple Watch.

How to Update Apple Watch?

Note: The Download and Install option will be available only when your app has an update. If the app is up to date, you will not find this option.

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Method 2: Using your iPhone.

Before updating your Apple Watch using iPhone, you need to update your iPhone ( if there is any software update is available).

(1) Connect your iPhone to WiFi and turn on Bluetooth option.

(2) Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

(3) Select My Watch option.

(4) Click on the “General” option.

General option

(5) Under General, click on the Software Update option.

How to Update Apple Watch?

(6) Click Download and Install and then enter iPhone pass code or Apple Watch pass code.

Download and install

Once the pass code is entered, it will begin update process.

Note: Keep both the devices on charging until the update is completed.

Our Opinion

The above are the two methods available to update your Apple Watch. As mentioned earlier, all updates are automatic and in most of the cases, the watch starts updating automatically. You can still check manually for updates and keep your device up to date to enjoy maximum benefits.

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