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How to Restart Snapchat on iPhone & Android

Restart your Snapchat app to fix any technical issues.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications widely used by teens around the globe. With Snapchat, you can update your daily activities with short videos or pictures known as “snaps” to interact with your friends and family. Moreover, you can also send messages, upload stories, explore filters, and many more on this platform. However, if you face any technical issues or interruptions, you can restart your Snapchat app to bypass the errors.

Why Do You Need to Restart Snapchat?

Some of the common reasons to restart Snapchat are

  • Increase the performance of the app.
  • Fix the temporary bugs and glitches on the Snapchat
  • When the Snaps fail to load properly.
  • When the Snapchat app freezes suddenly.

How to Restart Snapchat App?

You can follow the below troubleshooting techniques to restart your Snapchat app if any technical error occurs.

Close & Re-launch Snapchat App

Closing and re-launching is the simple and primary method to restart your Snapchat app on Android and iPhone.

[1] Use the swipe-up gesture on bezel-less smartphones from the bottom to open the recent menu. On the contrary, use the navigation buttons or double-tap the home button (e.g., iPhone SE, 8, 7, etc.) to open the recent tab.

Close the app

[2] Swipe up the Snapchat tab to close it.

[3] Once closed, re-launch the app again and check if it’s working or not.

Restart your Smartphone

Similar to launching your app, you can also try to restart your iPhone or Android to avoid technical bugs and glitches on your device.

[1] Close all the applications on your recent tab.

[2] Press the Power button on your smartphone until the device’s logo appears on your screen. Basically, the power button is located at the side or top of your smartphone.

Press the Power button to restart your device

[3] Wait for 3-5 minutes to give your device some rest.

[4] After that, press the Power button again until its boots up.

[5] Now, launch your Snapchat app and check for errors.

Update the Snapchat App

You can also restart your Snapchat app by updating it. Because if you’re using any outdated versions, it’s possible to occur several errors and lack some features. So, update your Snapchat app to its latest version to eradicate errors.

[1] Make sure to connect your smartphone to a stable WiFi network.

[2] After that, navigate the respective app store (App Store/Play Store) and check for updates.

[3] From there, select Snapchat and click Update.

Update Snapchat

[4] Once updated, the app will restart automatically and fix several bugs.

Clear Snapchat Cache

Clearing the cache file in Snapchat is another way to fix the temporary bugs on the app.

[1] Launch Snapchat on your smartphone.

[2] Click the Profile icon and select Settings.

[3] Scroll down to Account Actions and click Clear Cache.

[4] Then, hit Clear to remove the cache files stored on your Snapchat.

Clear Snapchat Cache to restart

Offload Snapchat Application

Unlike deleting, offloading an application only removes the app binary. Besides, the data will stay on your iPhone. You can use this method to restart your app to avoid errors.

[1] Turn on your iPhone and navigate Settings.

[2] Scroll down and choose General.

[3] Under the General menu, choose the iPhone Storage option.

[4] Choose Snapchat and click Offload App.

Click Offload App

[5] This will remove the app on your iPhone, but the data will remain on the device.

[6] When you re-install the app again, the data and files will be restored.

Check the App’s Permissions

While using Snapchat, if you aren’t able to take photos or record any video/audio, there may be a possibility that you have been denied permission. So, navigate your device’s settings and grant permission to access all features on Snapchat.

[1] Navigate your device’s Settings.

[2] From there, scroll down and choose Snapchat. If you’re an Android user, you can find Snapchat under the Apps section.

[3] Under Snapchat, enable the necessary permissions like photos, microphone, location, Local network, and camera.

Allow necessary permissions to Snapchat

[4] Once enabled the permissions, direct to the Snapchat app and check whether it’s working or not.

Uninstall and Re-install Snapchat

After proceeding with all the above steps, you can finally uninstall and re-install the Snapchat application to restart it.

[1] Unlock your smartphone and navigate to the home screen.

[2] From there, navigate the Snapchat app.

[3] Press and hold the Snapchat app icon and click Remove app/Delete app to uninstall the application.

[4] Open the respective app store again and install the Snapchat app.

[5] Then, open the app and log in with your user credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Snapchat crashing?

One of the main reasons for an app to crash was a server down or corrupted data.

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